c++ in linux kernel

By: newbie (newbie.delete@this.grad.edu), June 4, 2010 1:39 pm
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Can you use C++ in Linux kernel?

In windows kernel you can, with some restrictions.
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                            boost sucksanon06/16/10 06:13 PM
                              what c++ libraries does not suck?D.P.06/16/10 10:09 PM
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                                  amount of ignorance to historyCharles06/17/10 09:33 PM
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                                      amount of ignorance to historyMark Christiansen06/18/10 06:22 AM
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                                  Lack of features can be a featureDavid Kanter06/19/10 11:03 AM
                                  some features have global effectsRichard Cownie06/19/10 11:44 AM
                                    some features have global effectsTimmy06/20/10 08:11 AM
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