T3 announced

By: Max (nousefor.delete@this.name.com), September 21, 2010 4:42 am
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some benchmarks:


gone is the 2x per core performance claim. we still will be getting 4 t3-2 boxen here.
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T3 announcedMax09/21/10 04:42 AM
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  T3 announcedLinus Torvalds09/21/10 07:15 AM
    T3 announcedanon09/21/10 09:31 AM
      Transactional memory Paul A. Clayton09/21/10 10:52 AM
        Transactional memory Linus Torvalds09/21/10 12:21 PM
          Transactional memory Paul A. Clayton09/23/10 07:30 AM
            Transactional memory Linus Torvalds09/23/10 08:01 AM
              Transactional memory David Kanter09/24/10 12:05 AM
                Transactional memory Linus Torvalds09/24/10 07:59 AM
                  Transactional memory David Kanter09/25/10 09:27 AM
                    'dynamic fallback'?Paul A. Clayton09/25/10 11:28 AM
                      'dynamic fallback'?Linus Torvalds09/25/10 01:23 PM
                        'dynamic fallback'?blaine09/25/10 02:16 PM
                Cliff Click Jr. on Azul's HTMPaul A. Clayton09/24/10 02:19 PM
              Transactional memory Foo_09/24/10 03:08 AM
    T3 announcedblaine09/21/10 11:43 AM
      no news from FujitsuMax09/21/10 10:37 PM
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