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Article: Medfield, Intel's x86 Phone Chip
By: David Kanter (, January 23, 2012 2:51 pm
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For 4 years, Intel has struggled to move into the market for mobile devices. Conventional wisdom holds that x86 is too inefficient for smart phones. The recently announced 32nm Medfield proves that x86 is a viable option and that Intel can design smart phone products. We explore the Medfield SoC and analyze the impact on Intel’s mobile strategy.

As always, we encourage posting questions and comments. I tried to clarify several of the more confusing aspects of what has already been presented about Medfield.

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            Process numbersAlberto01/26/12 10:29 AM
            Performance analysis laughableDavid Kanter02/02/12 01:38 AM
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  Medfield article onlineAndreas01/25/12 04:10 AM
    Medfield article onlineAlberto01/25/12 10:44 AM
    Medfield article onlineIntelUser200001/25/12 11:24 AM
    Medfield article onlineDavid Kanter01/25/12 10:58 PM
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          Medfield article onlineDoug Siebert01/27/12 03:40 PM
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      64-bitIngeneer01/25/12 03:34 PM
        64-bitUngo01/25/12 05:08 PM
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  Saltwell memcpySHK01/26/12 03:41 AM
  Medfield WiFi & BluetoothRob Thorpe01/26/12 04:09 AM
    Medfield WiFi & BluetoothDavid Kanter01/27/12 06:54 PM
      Medfield WiFi & BluetoothRob Thorpe01/28/12 03:22 PM
  Medfield article online (NT)Anil01/26/12 06:57 PM
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