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Article: Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture
By: kalelovil (kalelovil.delete@this.gmail.com), April 25, 2012 6:41 pm
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mik (mswuzelor@googlemail.com) on 4/25/12 wrote:
>>>The AMD notebook they used also has a lower memory frequency (1333mhz vs.
>>>1600mhz) and an odd memory configuration (2GB + 4GB, >although modern memory controllers
>>>shouldn't have any issues with that).
>>Those are all good points. Also, coming from Anandtech, there is really no excuse for such things.
>They tested a A8-3520M Llano which supports officially only DDR3-1333, so there
>is nothing wrong with it. Only the 45W-MX models support it but they have a very
>bad availability. In most reviews you see only A8-3500M (or A8-3520 regarding this
>anandtech test). For these models DDR3-1333 is absolutely correct.

A simple google search turned up this:
with the option of an A8-3550MX APU and hopefully DDR3-1600 memory. It would have been a more fair GPU comparison, although the i7 is still a lot more expensive.

AMD or an OEM should have supplied a better platform to Anandtech, but on the other hand by the time the more mainstream Ivy Bridge chips launch Llano will have been replaced by Trinity.

Back to the original point, it's a reasonable conclusion that the i7-3720qm is a better overall chip than the a8-3520m, but I don't think its logical to use that to claim that Ivy Bridge is the highest performing IGP.
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