Implications of Broadwell packaging?

By: Linus Torvalds (, December 20, 2012 7:46 pm
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Doug S ( on December 20, 2012 12:43 am wrote:
> If Thunderbolt could do more than 10 watts, or large displays became more efficient,
> you could eliminate the monitor power and have only one additional cable...

Grr. You triggered my hot button on TB.

TB power delivery goes the wrong way!

Thunderbolt was clearly designed as a "faster USB" and the people involved were so set in that mindset that they apparently never realized that the much more useful model for TB was "standard dock", especially with the whole DP thing.

Nobody sane wants to use thunderbolt as a USB replacement - you have USB for that. USB sure as hell isn't perfect, but at least it's cheap, and it's everywhere. And it's good enough for most things. And the things it isn't good enough for are not portable, and generally need their own power source anyway.

But if the power delivery had gone the other way, TB would have been a really useful feature. Imagine docking your laptop by just plugging in the TB cable. You're done.

The TB designers messed up. Completely.

Anybody who thinks that the computer should power the display (rather than the other way around) is a moron.

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