AMD Jaguar (16h) SOG available

By: JeffRupley (, April 19, 2013 8:52 pm
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I'm happy to note that the AMD Jaguar (16h) Software Optimization Guide is now publically available:

One of my personal goals for Jaguar was to make sure AMD released an Opt
Guide, unlike what happened on Bobcat. In order to get this done, we focused
only on what we thought would be the most critical information (latency/throughput
of the more common instructions, a basic microarchitecture description, and
a smattering of optimization notes specific to Jaguar). I hope we have achieved
clarity and utility in addition to brevity.

Anyways, I thought this forum might be interested. My thanks to the work
from the design team, software/compiler team, and tech writer (especially
for those who polished up and released this rev 1.1 after I left - I loved
working on Bobcat and Jaguar, but all things have their season).

Not speaking for AMD or any other company.
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