Knights Landing CPU Speculation

Article: Knights Landing CPU Speculation
By: David Kanter (, November 18, 2013 3:03 am
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Knights Landing is Intel’s first clean sheet redesign of the Larrabee family, targeted at throughput computing and manufactured on a 14nm process with products expected in late 2014 or early 2015. The adoption of AVX3, on-package embedded DRAM, and bootable products have been disclosed, but most details are unknown. This article analyzes the options available for the Knights Landing CPU core and explains why Intel’s existing cores are a poor fit for the target workloads, concluding that the most likely outcome is a new custom core for Knights Landing.

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Knights Landing CPU SpeculationDavid Kanter11/18/13 03:03 AM
  Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/18/13 03:59 AM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationPatrick Chase11/23/13 04:18 PM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationAdam Kalisz11/26/13 02:20 AM
        Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Mark Roulo11/26/13 10:28 AM
          Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???David Kanter11/26/13 12:09 PM
          Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Eric Bron11/26/13 12:21 PM
            Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???tarlinian11/26/13 12:50 PM
              Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Eric Bron11/26/13 02:07 PM
                Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Eric Bron11/26/13 02:09 PM
                Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???aaron spink11/26/13 04:03 PM
                  Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Eric Bron11/27/13 12:42 AM
                    Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???aaron spink11/27/13 11:31 AM
              Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???David Kanter11/26/13 05:25 PM
                Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???tarlinian11/26/13 08:01 PM
          Over 2,000 mm^2 of eDRAM???Eric11/27/13 03:54 AM
            eDRAM is DRAM in a logic-oriented processPaul A. Clayton11/27/13 08:10 AM
  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationJames11/18/13 06:26 AM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/18/13 03:57 PM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationUrban Novak11/19/13 01:49 AM
        Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/19/13 02:19 AM
          Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/19/13 08:48 PM
            Total GPGPU/Xeon Phi market maybe ~ $500M/year ...Mark Roulo11/20/13 11:35 AM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationWes Felter11/19/13 01:06 PM
        Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/19/13 01:49 PM
  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/18/13 01:17 PM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationDaniel11/19/13 03:28 AM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/19/13 08:36 PM
      HPC guys score FLOPS non-obviouslyMark Roulo11/20/13 11:43 AM
        3-TFlops-DGEMMMichael S11/20/13 11:59 AM
          3-TFlops-DGEMMMark Roulo11/20/13 01:22 PM
            3-TFlops-DGEMMDaniel11/20/13 02:04 PM
              3-TFlops-DGEMMEric11/21/13 02:28 AM
                3-TFlops-DGEMMMichael S11/21/13 06:48 AM
                  3-TFlops-DGEMMRecessionCone11/21/13 12:13 PM
                    3-TFlops-DGEMMMichael S11/21/13 03:34 PM
                  3-TFlops-DGEMMEric11/22/13 03:10 AM
                    3-TFlops-DGEMMMichael S11/22/13 05:41 AM
                    A (not very sensible) alternative: FMADD + FADDPaul A. Clayton11/22/13 09:19 AM
                  3-TFlops-DGEMMSylvain Collange11/24/13 03:37 AM
                    3-TFlops-DGEMMMichael S11/24/13 07:06 AM
                      3-TFlops-DGEMMSylvain Collange11/24/13 10:28 AM
        HPC guys score FLOPS non-obviouslyPatrick Chase11/23/13 03:58 PM
  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationPaul Caheny11/18/13 02:25 PM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationKonrad Schwarz11/19/13 01:24 AM
  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationAmiba Gelos11/19/13 08:36 PM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationDavid Kanter11/20/13 10:52 AM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationLinus Torvalds11/21/13 03:12 PM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationAmiba Gelos11/21/13 06:14 PM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationPatrick Chase11/23/13 04:33 PM
        Knights Landing CPU SpeculationLinus Torvalds11/25/13 12:29 PM
          Knights Landing CPU SpeculationLinus Torvalds11/25/13 01:05 PM
          Knights Landing CPU SpeculationPatrick Chase11/25/13 01:22 PM
            Knights Landing CPU SpeculationLinus Torvalds11/26/13 11:11 AM
          Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/26/13 04:05 AM
            Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/26/13 04:15 AM
            Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/26/13 04:33 AM
              Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/26/13 07:30 PM
                Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric11/26/13 07:34 PM
                  What is MCDRAM?anon11/26/13 09:58 PM
                    What is MCDRAM?none11/27/13 02:00 AM
                      What is MCDRAM?Klimax11/27/13 03:19 AM
                  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationKlimax11/27/13 12:06 AM
                Knights Landing CPU SpeculationKlimax11/27/13 12:05 AM
            Knights Landing CPU Speculationanon11/26/13 06:53 AM
              Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/26/13 07:20 AM
                Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/26/13 09:06 AM
                  Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/26/13 10:18 AM
                    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric Bron11/26/13 02:21 PM
                      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationEric Bron11/26/13 02:27 PM
                        Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/26/13 03:26 PM
                    Knights Landing CPU Speculationanon11/26/13 06:42 PM
                      Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/27/13 02:08 AM
                        Knights Landing CPU Speculationanon11/27/13 02:50 AM
                          Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/27/13 02:58 AM
                      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/27/13 02:25 AM
                        Knights Landing CPU Speculationanon11/27/13 03:32 AM
                          Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/27/13 04:08 AM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationChung Leong11/27/13 02:28 AM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationMichael S11/27/13 03:53 AM
        Knights Landing CPU SpeculationChung Leong11/27/13 02:03 PM
  BiG.LiTTLe for KNL?Jeff K11/22/13 07:17 AM
    BiG.LiTTLe for KNL?Patrick Chase11/23/13 03:54 PM
      BiG.LiTTLe for KNL?Patrick Chase11/23/13 04:01 PM
  Transactional memoryPatrick Chase11/23/13 03:37 PM
    Transactional memoryBhima11/25/13 08:01 AM
      Transactional memoryPatrick Chase11/25/13 12:52 PM
  Knights Landing CPU SpeculationDaniel11/25/13 03:17 AM
    Knights Landing CPU SpeculationKlimax11/25/13 04:12 AM
    Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/25/13 05:05 AM
      Knights Landing CPU SpeculationKlimax11/25/13 05:45 AM
        Knights Landing CPU Speculationnone11/25/13 05:55 AM
          Knights Landing CPU Speculationgmb11/25/13 08:21 AM
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