Ryzen fiasco

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juanrga (nos.delete@this.juanrga.com) on March 15, 2017 3:21 am wrote:
> majord (majord.delete@this.gmail.com) on March 14, 2017 8:25 pm wrote:
> > juanrga (no.delete@this.juanrga.com) on March 14, 2017 5:05 am wrote:
> > > Gabriele Svelto (gabriele.svelto.delete@this.gmail.com) on March 13, 2017 2:54 pm wrote:
> > > > juanrga (no.delete@this.juanrga.com) on March 13, 2017 10:38 am wrote:
> > > > > That real TDP of RyZen is the reason why its dissipation
> > > > > is much closer to a (125W) FX-8370 than to (91W) i7-6700k.
> > > >
> > > > There is no such thing as a "real TDP". Intel and AMD have different definitions. What you can
> > > > claim is that a 1800X consumes more than an i7-6700k or a FX-8370 at a given workload (and for
> > > > a given performance). But that has nothing to do with the TDP whose definition changes from vendor
> > > > to vendor and it does not represent an expectation of the actual power consumption of a processor
> > > > (and is often meaningless even when comparing processors of the same family).
> > > >
> > >
> > > No. The existence of different conventions/definitions doesn't imply measurements
> > > aren't "real". And once again you selectively quote me ignoring the other issues,
> > > including the fact AMD is violating its own definition of TDP:
> > >
> > > 1) The "95W" on RyZen chips is a marketing label that fooled certain people, which believed
> > > that RyZen was super-efficient design. People in this same forum pretended that 1800X
> > > RyZen was 60% more efficient than Broadwell-E 6900k... nothing more far from reality,
> > > because the 1800X is about 15% less efficient than the 6900k: 16.78 vs 19.40.
> > >
> > > 2) AMD sent two "95W" QS for validation, because one of them wasn't a real 95W chip. The chip
> > > identified itself as 95W, but even disabling turbo/XFR the real TDP of the sample was noticeable
> > > higher. I estimated it would be about 106W and CanardPC confirmed real TDP was 105W
> > >
> > > https://mobile.twitter.com/CPCHardware/status/828666744432652290/actions
> > > https://mobile.twitter.com/CPCHardware/status/832575767490023428?p=p
> > >
> > > 3) AMD "95W" retail chip at stock settings consumes about same amount of power
> > > (more in several cases) than AMD 125W chips like the FX-8350 and 8370
> > >
> > > AMD "95W" --> 128.9W
> > > AMD "125W" --> 125W
> > >
> > > 4) TDP numbers is not the only element where AMD has tried
> > > to fool us: IPC claims, XFR claims, and general gaming
> > > performance are other aspects where AMD has shared marketing numbers that don't correspond to reality.
> >
> > Indeed they did fool us on IPC.. they said 40% for years, then gave us ~50.. bastards!
> They said 40% over Excavator and many people believed that 40% over Excavator was an average
> value that did mean ~70% over Piledriver. However, that 40% was on a specific bench that is
> very dependent on cache. They sandbagged the Excavator number, because the final score was
> 64% for Excavator in that same bench. But the Piledriver percentage was much smaller in that
> bench: the official 52% over Piledriver that Lisa Su gave us at the RyZen tech day.
> Also you omit all those slides where AMD pretended that RyZen IPC was
> at the Broadwell-level and reviews unable to reproduce AMD claims,
> PCWorld: "My own tests don’t quite match AMD’s results."
> PCPER: "Still, the 8% gap between the 6900K and the Ryzen 7 1800X at 3.5 GHz
> tells me that AMD’s claims of equal IPC appear to have been overstated."
> Same thoughts about total throughput. AMD demos suggested RyZen was 2--10%
> above Broadwell-E. Reality is RyZen is 10% below Broadwell-E.
> And better we omit the fiasco on gaming or how AMD tried to manipulate reviews.

I honestly am not sure what you're getting at regarding IPC claims. Simply meeting the 40% > Excavator goal makes Zen over 50% faster than Piledriver by default (since Excavator has close to 10% IPC adv over PD.. do the maths). Yet you've already conceeded AMD beat their claim..

And No i'm not omitting any slides, I am unaware of any claiming equal ST IPC to Broadwell outside of cinebench (though not even sure that was a clk/clk claim.. pretty sure it was just SKU vs SKU)

Throughput wise, AMD claimed Ryzen matches Broadwell in specific benchmarks, all of which were Rendering and Encoding, and review after review has proven that it indeed does.. Cinebench, Handbrake, Blender, all popular MT workloads easily matching or beating BW-E. but these aren't even cherry picked.. Many many other workloads also showing this.

The clock for clock tests on PCPER are not even exclusively throughput, they're a mixture, and a very small selection of tests so why are you referencing them? , regardless though, if you actually look at the individual tests, you'll see Ryzen trading blows in throughput.

It's not all rosy of course.. no one's denying BW and SL cores walk away once AVX2 is involved, nor when Ryzen's sub-optimal memory subsystem shows its weakeness (Read - archiving, games etc) but your claim of trailing by 10% across the board is pure fiction.

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