Faster in Seattle (NT)

By: Ray (, April 18, 2017 12:26 pm
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Faster in Seattle
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We've migrated to AWS!David Kanter04/17/17 10:28 PM
  Faster (NT)slacker04/17/17 10:39 PM
    +1 (NT)Megol04/18/17 05:38 AM
  No noticeable change (NT)Foo_04/18/17 03:02 AM
    A bit slower or the samemuziqaz04/18/17 03:09 AM
      Site or ads?David Kanter04/18/17 07:45 PM
        Site or ads?Gabriele Svelto04/18/17 11:06 PM
        Site or ads?muziqaz04/19/17 06:51 AM
    Same here. (Central Europe) (NT)Klimax04/25/17 02:14 AM
  We've migrated to AWS!Arun Ramakrishnan04/18/17 05:07 AM
  Faster from Europe (NT)Adrian04/18/17 06:31 AM
  Faster in Seattle (NT)Ray04/18/17 12:26 PM
  Time of day dependent +/- performance for me! (NT)John H04/19/17 12:17 PM
  ...and upgraded the VM :)David Kanter04/21/17 11:27 AM
    ...and upgraded the VM :)Gabriele Svelto04/22/17 02:54 PM
  Can't loginExophase NLI04/27/17 09:15 PM
    Can't loginmuziqaz04/28/17 04:34 AM
      Can't loginExophase04/28/17 06:42 AM
    Can't loginMichael S04/28/17 05:41 AM
      Can't loginJukka Larja04/28/17 08:59 AM
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