AMD Completes Shanghai Rollout

By: David Kanter (, April 21, 2009 11:51 pm
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Lost in the uproar created by the Sun/Oracle acquisition, was an announcement of a more prosaic sort from another silicon valley technology company. On Monday, AMD completed a rollout of their Shanghai line of processors.

When Shanghai was first launched last year, a limited assortment of bins were available (just standard power). In early 2009, AMD rolled out the low power and high performance Shanghai lines as well. Now after another quarter of experience with 45nm, AMD is substantially increasing the binning of Shanghai to cover a much wider swath of the market and more aggressive frequencies.

AMD's processor line up was previously bucketed into 3 groups, HE, regular and SE (bonus points if you remember what those stand for). Those equate to low power, standard, high performance. Unfortunately, it isn't really clear what TDP/max power those correspond to:

SE is either 120W or 137W TDP
Regular is either 95W or 115W TDP
HE is either 68W or 79W TDP

Previously, the HE line got upto 2.3GHz, the regular line to 2.7GHz and the SE line to 2.9GHz.

AMD is now adding an additional power bin, the EE bin (which I seem to vaguely recall from before). This is a 60W TDP part, which tops out at 2.3GHz.

The HE line now is upto 2.5GHz, the standard up to 2.9GHz and the SE series hits 3.1GHz.

While this sure won't put AMD on even footing with Nehalem in 2S servers, it certainly makes their offerings much more compelling relative to Harpertown and some of the lower-end Nehalem parts.

In the 4S server realm, AMD tends to lead for bandwidth sensitive apps, and trails on compute bound apps. Since this increases compute performance by about 10%, it improves their position a bit, but definitely won't regain the lead for compute apps. That will have to wait for Istanbul for that, and they'll only have a brief window before Nehalem EX puts Intel ahead on both fronts.

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