Coverage of IEDM 2003: AMD and Intel on Day 2

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Partial coverage of IEDM 2003 Day 2, focusing on AMD and Intel process technologies

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MPF 2002 coverage – AMD Opteron

David Wang continues his coverage of the 2002 MicroProcessor Forum with an overview of the AMD Opteron presentation.

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Announcement of the IBM PowerPC 970 Processor

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David Wang initiates coverage of the Micro Processor Forum 2002 with the Power PC 970 announcement from IBM.

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Nexus at 1.2GHz

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Though my background is primarily on the software side, I am very curious about the effects that different processor designs and features have on system performance. Being somewhat less knowledgeable about CPU architecture than many others, I have been looking for some way to see these effects in a concrete manner. Benchmarks are supposed to provide this ‘visible’ evidence, but there are probably as many different application mixes and workloads as there are users. This isn’t a problem for a corporation that has the money to spend to evaluate how their applications and workloads will perform on a given platform – but the average user, such as myself, is left wondering what these benchmarks are really measuring so they can be applied to our own usage.

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The Spider and the Mountain

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A detailed examination of two high end server microprocessors, the Alpha EV8 and the IA64 McKinley, based on recent and extensive disclosures at ISSCC 2002.

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