About Us

Real World Tech was founded in 1996 by Dean Kent. Originally, the site focused on independent hardware reviews for consumers and analysis of the PC industry. Over time, RWT built a devoted readership of technologists, industry professionals and enthusiasts. Before the word ‘blogs’ existed, our community became widely known for the quality of the discussions and insightful commentary from industry insiders. Readers contributed articles and insights that cemented our position as one of the preeminent online technology publications. Ultimately, RWT became known for trustworthy, insightful and in-depth discussion and analysis of technology, from mainframes to cell phones.

In 2002, Dean Kent handed the reins of RWT to David Kanter. Since then, RWT has grown by listening to its community. Readers have come to expect and demand independent analysis catering to industry professionals, and broader expertise as well. RWT’s insightful articles have shaped the discussion of the technology, online and off. Publications such as CNN, EETimes and IEEE Spectrum quote RWT authors about topics from smartphones and servers to scientific computing and semiconductor manufacturing.

Simply put, Real World Tech is the leading publication for technologists and IT professionals, with an unrivalled community of industry insiders.