Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Evaluation

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AOpen has always prided themselves on their dedication to stability and reliability, and with good reason as the failure rates on their motherboards has typically been one of the lowest in the industry based on feedback from a number of resellers of their products. They have also been the first to implement such usability features as Modem Wake-up, Suspend to Disk, batteryless operation and even resettable USB and keyboard fuses.

For the past year, AOpen has been catering more and more to the overclocking crowd, by providing FSB frequencies, multipliers and voltages above-and-beyond the standard ranges. They have also implemented these options in the BIOS, for greater ease of use, just as many other manufacturers have. It is particularly important to note that they have done this without sacrificing the quality they are so well-known for. The AX6BC Pro Gold is the latest results of these efforts, and the results are actually quite good.

Our test system included an AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold Pentium II 400MHz, 128MB PC133 SDRAM (several manufacturers), W.D 8.4GB UDMA/66 HDD and several video cards listed later. Tests with SCSI equipment included an Adaptec AHA-2940UW and Domex 3192U adapters (both PCI), Quantum 540MB SCSI-1 HDD and Toshiba TA5401B 4x CDROM. To test the overclocking features, we used a non-locked Pentium II 300.

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