Aopen AX6C Motherboard Evaluation

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Documentation and Included Items

The board ships with a CD that contains the INF Update utility (necessary for Win98 to recognize the chipset), busmastering drivers and the audio driver for the on-board CODEC, as well as Norton Anti-Virus. One somewhat puzzling problem we ran into is that the autorun facility wouldn’t run under Win98 First Edition, but ran fine with either Win95 or Win98 SE. If you have this problem, the files can be manually installed by using Explorer to find the Drivers directory, and running the setup programs in the Intel\Busmaster and Intel\Inf directories.

The board ships with a ‘Quick Installation Guide’ that contains pictures and explanations of all jumpers and connectors necessary for installation. The only BIOS settings discussed are for the CPU and DRDRAM frequency. A full manual is included on the accompanying CD. Also included are a set of cables, including a standard IDE and an ATA/66 (80 pin) cable, and two CRIMM modules.

Other Resources

As with any product, there is a chance that you will need to get assistance with installation and/or troubleshooting. Aopen has a wealth of information on their website, which they keep fairly current. You may find the following links useful:

Aopen Home Pages:

For AX6C specific information:

Another valuable resource is Usenet. The following two newsgroups may prove to be helpful:

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