AMD Athlon 4 – Desktop Palomino Core

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Business Benchmarks

So how does the Athlon 4 (Palomino) compare to the Athlon (Thunderbird)? Well let’s take a look at both some business and home use benchmarks. I’ll start off with ZD Labs Winstone and Winbench test, good applications based benchmarks.

But first a couple of thoughts: If there is no performance difference will it be due to the CPU not really being any faster? Or could it be due to the Mainboard or BIOS not truly supporting the new the new Athlon 4 even though it is ID’d correctly? Will there be any stability or compatibility issues? Will programs or DirectX need to be revised to take advantage of the new instruction? Only one way to find out…

	This was my first surprise, as I was not expecting to see much if any change here. Granted 3% isn’t very much, but I’m impressed that there is any measurable difference at all.

The only test that showed any real difference in Winbench was the graphics scores, and pretty much what I’d expect to see show a difference if there was any, so that’s all I’ve shown. But as with the Winstone scores I was not expecting to see the 3 to 5% faster scores with the Athlon 4 over the Athlon. Interesting…

Since the overall score is limited by the video card, I’ve only shown the CPU score, which may be the most important anyway. Again, close to 4% advantage for the Athlon 4. Are we beginning to see a trend here?

Will BAPCo SYSmark 2000 application based benchmark give the same results as the Winstone? They are similar, but use different applications.

Athlon 4’s Overall rating is about 4% better then the Athlon, ICC is almost 9% faster and OP is about the same. I think we are starting to see a trend that the Athlon 4 is faster, but it does depend on the type of application

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