AMD Athlon 4 – Desktop Palomino Core

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Game and Video Benchmarks

And now some synthetic game and video oriented benchmarks – some new, some old… but all useful in looking at subtle speed differences:

Not much difference here at all. Only about a 1% advantage for the Athlon 4. Is it the program isn’t optimized for an Athlon 4’s enhancements? Or is this particular benchmark just an example of an application that will not show a difference?

But Video 2000 (also from Mad Onion) shows the biggest difference yet with an 11% advantage going to the Athlon 4. That is impressive.

And Quake…I’ve always liked it not just for checking video performance, but also CPU and memory. Quake has always been good for seeing subtle differences in CPU’s, and here we see about a 6% advantage going again to the Athlon 4.

Almost 10% in favor of the Athlon 4 – very impressive.

Not much difference at all – about .5%. This program is a 3DNow! optimized version, but with an update the Athlon 4 would do better. But I did get the same results with the Non 3DNow! version, not too sure what is happening here.

This is the most impressive over all – a 22% advantage with the Athlon 4 over the Athlon. Now this is an older benchmark, but still a valid indication of system performance.

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