Bryan Buys Intel

Price/performance is what I preach. I am a rational consumer and I am interested in finding the best bang for my buck. Brand awareness is a wee factor in my economic decision making, but I don’t give a lot of weight to whose name is on the product. I support competition, I am not anti-Intel, and I shop at Wal-Mart.

After Cyrix realized that they couldn’t sell their product for more than Intel’s and corrected their blunder, I did the price/performance math and I bought a 6×86. Over the years, I upgraded my system many times and on each occasion the price/performance equation dictated I utilize a microprocessor from Cyrix or AMD. However, something changed in January of this year. After building systems based on the 6×86, 6x86MX, K6, K6-2, I bought an Intel CeleronA.

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