A Preview of Intel’s Bensley Platform (Part II)

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POV-Ray 3.7 Beta 9

The Persistence Of Vision Ray tracer (POV-Ray) is a rather famous and commonly used application used for benchmarking many platforms. POV-Ray is freely available from www.pov-ray.org and best of all, the source code can be downloaded for appropriate uses, such as porting to other platforms (currently only Windows, OS X and Linux (i386) are supported). POV-Ray includes a standard benchmarking scene, which was used with unmodified settings. POV-Ray 3.7 is a beta version that adds SMP, SMT and x86-64 support to version 3.6; quite a few changes all at once. The current beta version is 10, but did not work with either platform, so version 9 was used. The benchmark was run in both serial and SMP mode.

Figure 2 – POV-Ray Performance

The standard deviations for the Nocona runs were 2.065 and 0.813 seconds for serial and SMP modes. The Bensley system had standard deviations of 3.054 seconds, and 4.954 seconds respectively. The Nocona system scaled by a factor of 2.08 from serial to SMP, while the Bensley system scaled by a factor of 3.07. The Bensley system shows an overall speed-up of 41% over Nocona. Again, the Bensley system showed less than expected scaling, although the reasons why are generally unclear.

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