Building a Cool and Quiet PC

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So what can I say about the VIA C3 CPU? Well, if you are looking for a CPU to power typical traditional office applications that draws less power, runs cooler and can be used with passive cooling, then it’s worth looking at. Other considerations would be low cost and the ability to be used on existing Socket 370 platforms.

You might also take a look at what your graphics needs are and make sure you mate the VIA C3 to the right graphics hardware for your usage. It could make a world of difference in the overall system performance. If looking for a system that would be used for light gaming and graphics programs I’d think about using at least the VIA PM133 or Intel 810/815 and maybe even using a dedicated AGP video card like the GeForce II MX 200 (or better) like I did.

VIA is clearly targeting a niche market with the C3 CPU. Its performance is a vast improvement over the original VIA Cyrix III (since it had no L2 cache) and now that they have been able shrink the die size down to .13 micron it’s hard to beat for power consumption and heat output in the x86 market. I would recommend looking carefully at the C3 and if what it offers is important to you, there should be no hesitation about using it – just don’t expect for it to do things it was not designed to do.

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