Crusoe Exposed: Transmeta TM5xxx Architecture 1

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This is the first in a series of articles that describes the reverse engineering of the internal ISA used by the Transmeta Crusoe microprocessor.

Ever since Transmeta introduced its Crusoe microprocessors in 1999, there has been a great deal of interest in the internal architecture of these novel devices, the Code Morphing Software (CMS) responsible for their IA-32/x86 compatibility, and their true performance potential if not hampered by dynamic binary translation overhead.

Unfortunately, Transmeta has repeatedly stated that the underlying Crusoe instruction set will not be publicly documented, and have even implied that reverse engineering the instruction set or CMS itself would be impossible.

It is particularly disturbing that key open source figures, including Linus Torvalds himself, have become involved with such a belief in ‘security through obscurity’ (see [4] in references for lkml quotes).

Unfortunately for Transmeta, as we will see below, this was a wildly incorrect and very presumptuous assumption. Given the appropriate technical background, skills and motivation, this report demonstrates that it is fully possible for someone outside of Transmeta’s secret inner circle to reverse engineer not only the hardware instruction set but the operation of CMS itself.

In the interest of finally revealing what others have merely speculated on, the author has successfully reverse engineered a substantial part of the native Crusoe architecture and instruction set, right down to the binary instruction encodings and functional unit specifics for the TM5xxx series of processors.

It is important to note that absolutely no proprietary trade secrets were known a priori for this research, nor does the author have any relationship with the company or its employees. All information presented here is strictly the result of clean room reverse engineering over the course of the past few months.

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