EPoX 8K7A+ Evaluation

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IWill KA266 BIOS Tweaks

Incorrect settings in your BIOS can render your system unbootable, or in the worst cases, can corrupt your data. This information is provided for clarity and repeatability. If you hardware does not match exactly the hardware that was used in this article, think three times before using these settings. If you do try these settings, you do so at your own risk. I make no claims or warranties to the validity of these settings. If you try these settings and your system becomes unstable or unusable, do not blame or seek to blame any third party for your misfortune. You have been warned!

The BIOS was set using the Optimal performance settings for the 32401B BIOS.

These settings are different to the 32401B optimal settings. If the setting is not listed in this table, then the setting was not modified from the optimal setting.


Advanced BIOS Features 
    Video BIOS ShadowDisabled
Advanced Chipset Features 
    DDR DRAM CAS Select2
    DRAM PerformanceFast
    Enhance page Mode Timer64 clks
    Refresh Rate15.6us
    System BIOS CacheableDisabled
    Passive ReleaseEnabled

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