EPoX 8K7A+ Evaluation

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Newer Game Benchmarks

Now we start to get into more recent (and hopefully more taxing games). Giants: Citizen Kabuto is (with the 1.4 patch) a DirectX 8.0 game. That is, it requires DirectX 8.0 in which to play.

Giants is limited by something other than the video card or motherboard. It needs a powerful CPU to perform, and therefore the difference in motherboards is negligible. Giants: Citizen Kabuto also has a minimum frame rate. Does the picture change?

Not really. As the average graph showed, there is a slight advantage to the 8K7A+, but…

It is interesting that the HQ settings actually showed a difference, with the KT7A losing. Perhaps Giants is bandwidth limited as well.

Mercedes Benz Truck Racing is a Racing simulator rather than a first person shooter. One would expect different demands and results…

Dead heat. Nothing to see here, move along…

Evolva (an earlier game engine) has two modes of operation – with or without bump mapping enabled. When run with a GeForce2, the bump-mapping method is Dot3 product, and it places additional burdens on the system. Does DDR make a difference?

8K7A, KT7A, KA266. As soon as we move to a playable resolution though, it all becomes moot. Minimum scores (below) don’t do anything to change the picture we’ve established.

Without bump-mapping enabled, again we have virtually identical scores. What about with…

Same story as the average graph. But what a performance hit we get when enabling bump mapping. Matrox may have been ahead of it’s time when they released the G400, but by the looks of things, they were too far ahead.

The minimum scores only reinforce the message, to have a realistic bump mapped game with playable frame rates will require some monster hardware.

Lastly is Quake 3 again, but this time with an updated demo

The scores are lower, but the story remains the same. Yes, the 8K7A+ is faster, but when you’re playing, you’re never going to notice.

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