FIC FA11 Motherboard Evaluation

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Conclusions and Recommendations

The FA-11 from FIC would make a solid choice if you were in the market for a modern, no-frills Socket 370 board. Supporting all of the latest S370 processors and hosting the VIA Apollo 133A chipset, the FA-11 is bound to find popularity. The feature rich complement of AGP4X, UDMA/66 and official 133MHz FSB support makes this board a safe choice for current peripherals and components. The fact that the integrated sound will only be an option in the US makes this a good main board choice for those that like to provide their own audio cards. FIC has done a good job of keeping costs down on this board and hopefully it’ll be available at very reasonable prices.


  • Good stability
  • Excellent compatibility with S370 processors
  • Low Cost
  • No embedded audio (if you’re apt to add in your own anyway)


  • Asynchronous DRAM clock settings need work
  • DIP Switch necessary for some board settings
  • No embedded audio (if you like this sort of thing)

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