FIC KW-15 Motherboard Evaluation

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Documentation and Included Items

The board ships with a full User’s Manual that contains pictures and explanations of all jumpers, connectors and options. It also includes a chapter with some FAQs regarding setup, troubleshooting and Windows issues.

The included CD contains drivers and utilities that may be necessary for the operating system you are using. It is always a good idea to check the FIC web site for more recent versions and updated BIOS files. There is also a full set of cables (including an 80-pin UDMA/66 cable).

Other Resources

As with any product, there is a chance that you will need to get assistance with installation and/or troubleshooting. Before purchasing, we recommend that you carefully check these resource pages

FIC has a wealth of information on their website, which they keep fairly current. You may find the following links useful:

FIC Home Pages –

You can find KW-15 specific drivers, BIOS updates, FAQs and compatibility reports at

Another valuable resource is Usenet. The following two newsgroups may prove to be helpful:

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