FIC SD11 Motherboard Evaluation

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Resources and Test Notes

As with any product, there are situations when you will need to have up-to-date information or simply a place to ask questions. This section will provide some links to additional resources, as well as some of our own findings.

The first place to look for information is the manufacturers web site. For information specifically geared towards the SD11 motherboard go to This page contains links to their FAQs, BIOS and Driver download pages and the current compatibility list.

Another valuable resource is the newsgroups. The following three newsgroups may prove to be particularly helpful:

While specific power supplies will not be necessary with the retail product, here is a list of the approved power supplies for those who wish to be safe.

  • Turbo-Cool 300ATX
  • American Media CWT-300ATX
  • Emacs AP2-5300F-RV2
  • Astec SA302-3515-980
  • Enlight HPC – 250G2. A0-01
  • Sparkle FSP250 – 61GN
  • Enhance ATX – 1125B
  • FSB Group Inc FSP 250 – 61GN
  • Delta Elect Inc. 200PB – 103A
  • Powerman FSP300-60GT

As we mentioned, heat was an issue for us even on an open bench. This may become even more of a concern as more and more powerful processors are released, and more feature-rich chipsets are developed. For more information on power and heat dissipation issues, check out this article.

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