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« 68K, derivative and subsetAnon2022/08/11 05:45 PM
      68080 instruction format (maybe)?Mark Roulo2022/08/11 07:09 PM
      68K, derivative and subsetBrett2022/08/12 02:12 AM
« 68K, derivative and subsetMegol2022/08/12 03:04 AM
      68K, derivative and subsetnone2022/08/12 03:53 AM
        Non-orthogonal register usage is practical. Uglyness is irrelevantHeikki Kultala2022/08/13 12:10 AM
        68K, derivative and subsetMegol2022/08/13 01:05 PM
      68K, derivative and subsetBrett2022/08/12 04:32 AM
      68K, derivative and subsetMarcus2022/08/13 08:14 AM
        68K, derivative and subsetMegol2022/08/13 01:22 PM
          68K, derivative and subsetrwessel2022/08/13 02:53 PM
« ISA simplicity, evolution and survival---2022/08/11 05:43 PM
      ISA simplicity, evolution and survivalAnon2022/08/11 06:20 PM
        ISA simplicity, evolution and survival---2022/08/11 08:07 PM
      ISA simplicity, evolution and survivalanon22022/08/11 07:25 PM
« ISA simplicity, evolution and survivalAdrian2022/08/11 11:10 PM
      ISA simplicity, evolution and survivalAnon2022/08/11 11:40 PM
      ISA simplicity, evolution and survivalanon22022/08/12 12:11 AM
« Immediates and placement of constantsMarcus2022/08/13 08:54 AM
      Immediates and placement of constantsWilco2022/08/13 11:12 AM
        Immediates and placement of constantsFreddie2022/08/13 12:48 PM
        Immediates and placement of constantsAnon2022/08/13 12:54 PM
« The effect of statically linked libsEtienne2022/08/12 01:46 AM