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Armv8.8-A and Armv9.3-Aanonymou52021/09/16 03:25 PM
Extra Apple M1 informationAdrian2021/09/16 12:52 AM
z14 and z15 cache latencies?David Kanter2021/09/12 10:40 PM
alder lake.inteluser2021/09/10 02:52 AM
POWER10 SAP SD benchmarkanon22021/09/06 03:36 PM
Apple and RISC-Vvvid2021/09/03 10:47 AM
Did IBM Just Preview The Future of Caches?Kester L2021/09/02 08:45 AM
AVX512 as co-processorMichael S2021/08/29 03:13 AM
IBM's AMX - Apple's wayMichael S2021/08/24 03:43 AM
Check out my tutorial at Hot ChipsDavid Kanter2021/08/22 11:40 AM
Tesla Project Dojo and InFO_SoWnemo2021/08/20 09:56 AM
Was Intel Holding Back?Jon2021/08/19 07:49 AM
Alder Lake: 1st Intel/AMD CPU with 6 instruction decodersAdrian2021/08/19 06:21 AM
Very-large superscalar execution without the costHugo Décharnes2021/08/18 10:34 AM
Post RISC Banked Register InstructionsBrett2021/08/16 12:38 AM
Split TLBsmatthew2021/08/07 10:21 AM
Intel's Process Roadmap to 2025: with 4nm, 3nm, 20A and 18A?!Kester L2021/07/27 08:29 AM
AMX performance on M1 ?Michael S2021/07/27 03:01 AM
ARM Scalable Matrix Extensiondmcq2021/07/25 05:36 PM
Happy 25th anniversary RWTDavid Kanter2021/07/23 06:27 PM
Should variable symbols be "signed" with their length in bytes?Etienne Lorrain2021/07/23 02:40 AM
David – SNRanonymou52021/07/14 03:09 PM
inconsistent program state bug in Marvell Octeon TX2?Dummond D. Slow2021/07/12 03:12 PM
Is unsafe hell truly good for linux kernel in the future?cqwrteur2021/07/09 09:56 PM
Intel discontinued hybrid CPUsGionatan Danti2021/07/07 06:20 AM
High Bandwidth Memory on Xeon Sapphire RapidsJohn Clarke2021/07/03 07:01 PM
Intel to use TSMC 3nm anonymous22021/07/02 12:44 PM
Interesting ARM compatibility shim for Windows 11Beastian2021/07/01 02:48 PM
AMD EPYC Milan Review Part 2: Testing 8 to 64 Cores in a Production Platformanon2021/06/30 05:36 AM
Intel to disable TSX on (more) CPUsanonymous22021/06/28 02:54 PM
SiFive to provide its IP to Intel FoundryTriptych2021/06/22 07:24 AM
Intel Jasper Lake issue ratesIntelUser20002021/06/16 08:00 PM
component availability metadata2021/06/15 01:35 PM
Intel interested in acquiring SiFiveGabriele Svelto2021/06/11 01:50 AM
Google uses AI to design new chipsAndrey2021/06/10 02:20 PM
Cerebras intros wafer-scale systemanon2021/06/10 06:38 AM
AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Brett2021/06/01 01:00 PM
What's going on with the Arm A510 and Aarch 64?James2021/06/01 05:02 AM
M1RACLES (CVE-2021-30747) on Apple M1 siliconGionatan Danti2021/05/29 03:49 AM
Intel 10nm SF / Willow Cove now up to 5.3 GHz TVBJohn H2021/05/28 04:33 PM
(another?) upcoming self-hosted arm64 optionanonymous22021/05/25 12:40 PM
Ampere Altra Max 16MB LLC with 128 coresGanon2021/05/25 01:30 AM
On the RISC-V foundation's inability to ratify new thingsMylin Velodi2021/05/20 03:43 PM
Ampere switching to custom coreGionatan Danti2021/05/20 12:56 AM
Looks like Apple will be using chipletsDoug S2021/05/18 10:45 AM
A Case Against (Most) Context SwitchesLittle Horn2021/05/17 05:03 PM
Benefit of push/pop instructionsJörn Engel2021/05/17 12:39 PM
"AMD PCI Driver"Rob Thorpe2021/05/16 02:23 AM
How many physical registers are in an Intel CPU (NT)Paul2021/05/14 12:20 AM
Ice Lake energy efficiency regression?Daniel B2021/05/12 06:52 AM
LoongArchRayla2021/05/11 11:00 AM
IBM's "2nm" Gate-all-around - will it matter?David Kanter2021/05/10 06:26 PM
Post looking at BTB behavior and sizeTravis Downs2021/05/10 02:57 PM
4K pages probably used to be too largeYuhong Bao2021/05/01 01:01 PM
Leaking Secrets via Intel/AMD Micro-Op CachesAdrian2021/05/01 01:47 AM
Optimal pipelengthPer Hesselgren2021/04/29 09:44 AM
New details on ARM N2 and V1Andrew Clough2021/04/27 07:20 AM
M1 GPU register file sizeryu2021/04/23 04:11 AM
No ARM for NVIDIA?Marcus2021/04/19 06:23 AM
LoongArchLoongShot2021/04/16 03:01 PM
Nvidia Announces ARM HPC CPURayla2021/04/12 09:35 AM
Andre Seznec now at IntelJon Masters2021/04/12 07:53 AM
M1 uarch details Travis Downs2021/04/08 11:58 PM
AMD 5000 processors and PSFPhilippe2021/04/08 10:22 AM
Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake SP) Reviewanon2021/04/06 10:48 AM
Zen 3 Predictive Store ForwardingRobert Williams2021/04/03 04:33 PM
Please help to test strtod()Michael S2021/04/01 12:02 PM
It's pathetic, but Intel is looking to rename its 10nm as "7nm", 7nm as "5nm". Sadanon2021/03/30 09:40 PM
Armv9 officially announcedJon Masters2021/03/30 11:41 AM
How would you make a VCS for an EDA tool?Paul2021/03/28 08:14 AM
"Purchaser"-designed processors might facilitate asynchronous designPaul A. Clayton2021/03/26 08:22 AM
Intel IFS PDK methodology?Jon Masters2021/03/24 05:22 PM
Intel's IDM 2.0 announcementJon Masters2021/03/23 03:31 PM
Question to Torvalds, how would you make a VCS for an EDA tool?Paul2021/03/20 03:15 PM
What are your ideas for a radically different CPU ISA + physical Arch?Moritz2021/03/20 05:21 AM
Qualcomm Completes Acquisition of NUVIAanonymous22021/03/17 05:25 PM
Intel Ark does not list AVX-512 for Rocket LakeAdrian`2021/03/16 08:39 AM
AnandTech: AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan Review: A Peak vs Per Core Performance Balanceanonymous22021/03/15 05:19 PM
Coming attraction: Andy Glew CompArch wikiPaul A. Clayton2021/03/14 07:45 AM
x86 - why unite when you can fragment?anonymou52021/03/12 06:16 PM
MIPS is dead! Long live MIPS!anonymous22021/03/08 12:00 PM
M1 instruction timings and other detailsTravis Downs2021/03/07 10:53 PM
Side Channel Attacks on the CPU On-Chip Ring Interconnect Are Practicalanonymous22021/03/07 10:41 PM
A concrete toy example of the benefits of AVX512Ganon2021/03/06 11:50 PM
Apple M1 Firestorm branch misprediction penaltyDave Liu2021/03/06 06:31 AM
ICL065: move elimination broken in Ice LakeTravis Downs2021/03/06 12:00 AM
AVX-512 and Rocket LakeAnon2021/03/05 06:04 PM
CPU & Memory bit flipsGanon2021/03/03 10:05 AM
AMD Zen4 core in EPYC “Genoa” support AVX-512 instructionsAVX5122021/03/01 03:34 AM
R.I.P. Frys ElectronicsRobert Williams2021/02/24 01:14 PM
Notes on Graviton 2 store behaviorTravis Downs2021/02/24 12:36 AM
Ring vs mesh LLC bandwidthTravis Downs2021/02/22 11:40 PM
New Lex Fridman interview with Jim KellerJohnG2021/02/20 12:25 AM
Crossbar GQTravis Downs2021/02/19 09:05 PM
FPU cut down on PS5 Zen 2 cores?Chester2021/02/14 07:04 PM
Apple GPU reverse engineeringDavid Kanter2021/02/14 11:50 AM
MacOS memory free timingsDavid Kanter2021/02/14 11:42 AM
Anandtech X1 review - unimpressiveAnon2021/02/08 07:37 PM
An interesting approach to memset()Gabriele Svelto2021/02/05 05:30 AM
IDIV r64Per Hesselgren2021/02/04 03:49 AM
Agner Manual Updated for Zen 3Chester2021/02/03 01:33 AM
GB5 on ADLanonymou52021/02/03 12:24 AM
Saturation Curveshobold2021/02/02 05:58 AM
The case for 128-bit ISA:s?Marcus2021/01/26 01:41 PM
did high frequency trading switch?hobold2021/01/26 03:03 AM
open VP/GM positions at Intel's TMGanonymou52021/01/22 10:50 PM
Tremont clarification: 2x3 decodersDavid Kanter2021/01/21 06:56 PM
Core i3 outsourced to TSMCAlex2021/01/20 10:11 AM
Itanium, with a whimperrwessel2021/01/19 05:45 PM
Charlie says: "Large pink bunny suits are hot". You be the judgeanon2021/01/17 04:43 PM
Question about Spectreanon2021/01/14 07:38 AM
Intel throws in the towel?Michael S2021/01/14 02:34 AM
Energy-efficient superconducting microprocessoranon2021/01/13 11:35 PM
Intel CEO Bob Swan to step down in February, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to replace himanonymou52021/01/13 07:32 AM
Qualcomm to Acquire NUVIACdiamond2021/01/13 06:32 AM
Hilarious Fake Tom's Hardware ReviewKyleinFL2021/01/11 02:11 PM
8086 microcode disassemblednone2021/01/08 04:06 AM
Dissecting the Apple M1 GPU, part IWes Felter2021/01/07 11:03 AM
Jim Keller joins Tenstorrent as CTO.2021/01/05 09:13 PM
M1 performanceDavid Kanter2021/01/04 09:36 AM
Upgraded VMDavid Kanter2021/01/03 12:02 PM
Undocumented custom ISA extensions in Apple's M1Gabriele Svelto2021/01/03 10:42 AM
AMD patent on programmable instruction unitsme2021/01/02 07:52 AM
Ryzen 9 5000 series processor Phil9955112020/12/29 06:12 AM
Where is Centaur CNS?Lokatse2020/12/28 08:56 PM
Why Apple never submits SPEC results? (NT)Michael S2020/12/24 02:09 PM
A14 die analysisMaynard Handley2020/12/20 08:46 PM
Ampere Altra Q80-33 reviewjuanrga2020/12/18 10:39 AM
Decimal floating point on x86 and ARM?anon2020/12/18 09:29 AM
Can Intel recover... or are they done?anonymou52020/12/18 02:54 AM
In-band ECC support in recent Atom SoCsGabriele Svelto2020/12/15 04:24 PM
Two questions for LinuxSam2020/12/14 02:48 AM
Now this was a bit interesting, reconfigurable transistors achieved with black phosphorusRobert Williams2020/12/13 09:01 AM
Report: Following US-China semi split, EU charts its own course to semiconductor independenceanon2020/12/10 01:44 AM
Seagate jumps on the RISC-V bandwagonGabriele Svelto2020/12/09 01:38 AM
How long till China produces 5nm?dmcq2020/12/05 04:10 AM
M1 GPU microbenchmarks (peak FLOPS)K.K2020/12/05 03:31 AM
So much for internal fragmentationMaynard Handley2020/12/01 04:55 PM
Cocoa API and IOS ?dieselnutjob2020/12/01 04:59 AM
80x86 Instruction Alignment Hint?Brendan2020/11/30 11:29 PM
Mac in the cliudMaynard Handley2020/11/30 11:25 PM
Apple has now reached higher single-threaded performance within their phone SoCs than what Intel canJan Vlietinck2020/11/30 08:03 AM
laser for connecting CPU to DRAM?Etienne Lorrain2020/11/30 04:24 AM
Is there any vendor capable of releasing an M1 competitor on the open market?Paul2020/11/25 02:59 AM
Apple M1 TSO + RefCounting optimizationsnksingh2020/11/24 07:24 PM
ARM serveranon2020/11/24 12:55 PM
ARM Linux laptop for Mr Torvaldsdieselnutjob2020/11/23 09:30 PM
Apple shareholders delighted by MagSafeanonymou52020/11/22 08:54 PM
The macOS performance deficitGabriele Svelto2020/11/22 04:02 PM
Interesting Zen IPC benchmarksAdrian2020/11/21 08:14 AM
The next Apple chipMaynard Handley2020/11/19 09:22 PM
David Kanter RWT article: "Why Apple Won’t ARM the MacBook"anon2020/11/19 08:17 PM
ROCm and FPGAsAndrew Clough2020/11/19 09:38 AM
ARM 78CMaynard Handley2020/11/18 11:12 PM
TensorFlow on M1Maynard Handley2020/11/18 02:15 PM
Apple vs the rest of the industrybystander2020/11/18 02:09 AM
The 2020 Mac Mini Unleashed: Putting Apple Silicon M1 To The TestAppleM12020/11/17 08:46 AM
1st round of M1 GPU benchmarksMaynard Handley2020/11/16 01:46 PM
3D coresJon Masters2020/11/14 10:24 AM
clang - how to target apple M1?Michael S2020/11/14 09:28 AM
Question to TorvaldsPaul2020/11/14 04:08 AM
Qinghua Unigroup bankruptcy fearedPaul2020/11/14 03:27 AM
RAM on package, like M1, pros and consrpg2020/11/13 08:59 AM
Xilinx/Samsung SmartSSDsJ2020/11/13 05:46 AM
Andrei, thanks for your Zen and Apple articlesMark Roulo2020/11/11 05:19 PM
Apple Silicon M1 (what to expect based on the A14)juanrga2020/11/11 02:05 AM
CXL 2.0 finalizedRobert Williams2020/11/10 09:56 AM
Zen 3 SOGanon2020/11/07 03:05 PM
Why did Zen start with 4 cores per CCX?John H2020/11/07 10:29 AM
More Zen 3 detailsChester2020/11/05 11:10 AM
Amazing podcastJon Masters2020/11/05 09:54 AM
Decoder Override event on AMDChester2020/11/03 05:27 PM
Leaked internal marketing meeting at Intel :-)Adrian2020/11/03 01:52 PM
Intel is bringing HBM to CPUs after allPaul2020/11/03 02:51 AM
Memory Performance at SisoftPer Hesselgren2020/11/02 05:54 AM
FT: Huawei to start indigenous Chinese 45nm fabrication plant, transitioning to 28nm by end of 2021anon2020/11/01 12:29 PM
Zen 3 triple FMA unitsAdrian2020/10/30 12:37 PM
Rocket Lake 14nm back ported from 10nmBrett2020/10/29 08:43 AM
AMD - Xilinx merger. Potential technical synergies?Björn Ragnar Björnsson2020/10/27 04:03 PM
Arm's Custom Datatpath Extensiondmcq2020/10/26 02:27 PM
Feature of (data) type for AIMoritz2020/10/23 03:15 AM
Unexpected back-to-back L1 performanceAntoine2020/10/15 03:31 PM
Imagination launches IP for multi-chip GPUsAnon2020/10/15 01:56 AM
Today's Apple EventMaynard Handley2020/10/13 12:24 PM
Amd is to Xilinx as Intel is to Altera; why now?anon2020/10/08 09:37 PM
Zen 3Blue2020/10/08 09:58 AM
ARM server in real worldMaynard Handley2020/10/08 09:52 AM
ARM Makalu to be +30% over Cortex-A78 in SPECint single-thread (gains slowing down a bit?)Dummond D. Slow2020/10/08 07:15 AM
New Intel Architecture Terms of ServiceAnon2020/10/07 01:02 PM
AMD way prediction method (and side channel)Paul A. Clayton2020/10/04 06:05 AM
x86 User InterruptsJohn Smith2020/10/03 06:17 AM
Plausible A4 numbersMaynard Handley2020/10/02 10:19 PM
Windows for ARM getting AMD64 emulationAnon2020/09/30 01:00 PM
Memtest86+ 5.01Etienne Lorrain2020/09/28 12:59 AM
Intel Elkhart LakeTremont2020/09/23 09:38 AM
Fill L2 on L2 miss or L1 only?Travis Downs2020/09/23 09:12 AM
Imagination whitepaper on the six levels of ray tracing accelerationSalvatore De Dominicis2020/09/22 08:48 AM
ARM annouces new V1 and N2 coresAndrew Clough2020/09/22 06:48 AM
Paper recommendationMaynard Handley2020/09/21 12:05 PM
John Carmack on XR2 / 865Beastian2020/09/19 10:56 AM
Tiger Lake performance profileanon2020/09/17 07:10 PM
IBM open sources A2O out of order coreanon22020/09/16 12:34 AM
speculation *beyond* retirementTravis Downs2020/09/14 07:02 PM
Book RecommendationMaynard Handley2020/09/14 06:40 PM
NV to Acquire ARM (deal close?)anonymous22020/09/12 12:58 PM
Help a CPU guy understand GPU ALUs (scalar vs vector)Rudolf K.2020/09/05 02:48 AM
x64-64 pointer arithmetics between 47 and 48 bits - there is a 47-bit barrier?Heikki Kultala2020/09/01 03:43 AM
Useful side effect of our recent autovectorization discussionMichael S2020/08/31 05:22 AM
Slack channel, discord, etc. for RWT?David Kanter2020/08/29 03:19 PM
A rather premature predictiondmcq2020/08/28 07:04 AM
novel store/load transformations observed in Zen 2Jeff S.2020/08/28 06:05 AM
Very little downclocking in client ICLTravis Downs2020/08/19 11:54 AM
Hot Chips Photonicsdmcq2020/08/19 03:58 AM
Srcs of core speedupMaynard Handley2020/08/18 11:04 AM
ARM and standards for power-saving and other thingsRob Thorpe2020/08/17 08:25 AM
Hot Chips slack hangout #h-rwt, come visit!David Kanter2020/08/17 07:39 AM
ThunderX3Rayla2020/08/17 07:17 AM
IBM introduces POWER10Crystal S. Diamond2020/08/16 10:20 PM
An insider’s view of Intel’s process woesHnreader2020/08/15 10:11 AM
Source of ARM ISA advantage?joema2020/08/15 09:48 AM
Tigerlake documents?Michael S2020/08/14 01:20 AM
Intel graphics quantum leap... again?anny2020/08/13 08:39 AM
Intel 10nm "SuperFin"John H2020/08/12 12:57 PM
NUVIA PhoenixAdrian2020/08/11 11:00 AM
Ice Lake mobile: Magnetic Inductor Arrays for FIVRjokerman2020/08/11 08:27 AM
AMD big.LITTLE? Jose2020/08/10 04:01 AM
Some Intel 10nm+ detailsjokerman2020/08/09 11:58 AM
SMT Solving on an iPhone (A12 vs i7-7700k)anonymous22020/08/09 10:43 AM
BasicBlockerAdrian2020/08/08 09:37 AM
F. Piednoel on Intel's woesBeastian2020/08/05 08:09 PM
Sequential consistency in hardwarenever_released2020/08/03 08:44 AM
The x86 tax -- ThunderX2/X3juanrga2020/07/31 03:24 AM
Apple Silicon switchable memory modelTravis Downs2020/07/29 08:59 PM
LLC on multi-socketPurple People Eater2020/07/28 02:25 PM
more change at Intelanonymou52020/07/27 04:41 PM
latest Fritzchens Fritz die pics: SKX and KNLanonymou52020/07/26 01:34 AM
Branch prediction defaults and hintsTravis Downs2020/07/25 07:41 PM
Intel announces 7nm delayDoug S2020/07/23 03:12 PM
ARM "for sale"anonymous22020/07/23 12:51 PM
RWT turns 24David Kanter2020/07/23 10:28 AM
Intel Cooper LakeAnon2020/07/22 10:58 PM
E-Commerce Buyer for PC Components UnexperiencedBuyer2020/07/22 02:18 PM
Modern coresMaynard Handley2020/07/22 10:03 AM
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