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Move elimination - where documented?Michael S2019/10/09 11:27 AM
Well that's finally over:Maynard Handley2019/10/07 07:35 PM
Ice Lake updates to optimization manualTravis Downs2019/10/05 06:38 PM
Intel proposes new SAPM memory type to protect against Spectre-like attacksBhima2019/10/04 07:20 AM
Samsung rumored to be ditching Mongoose uArchBeastian2019/10/02 09:54 AM
Microsoft semi-custom processorsAdrian2019/10/02 08:59 AM
Surface Pro X SQ1 ARM SoC detailsBeastian2019/10/02 08:38 AM
Where are they now?nostalgiac2019/10/02 01:17 AM
server marketsomeone2019/09/27 10:55 PM
Dell PE R240 refuses to turbo to MaxMichael S2019/09/25 03:17 AM
Jim Keller talk hints at Ocean Cove ambitionsBeastian2019/09/24 06:31 PM
IBM z15 CPU DetailsAnon2019/09/20 01:52 PM
Apollo Lake reliability issueGionatan Danti2019/09/18 03:20 AM
uarch-bench for Ryzen 3000Adrian2019/09/16 08:19 AM
netcat security flawjouni osmala2019/09/12 10:22 PM
Why does IBM use so many metal layers?anon2019/09/11 06:09 PM
Scoring the rumors:Maynard Handley2019/09/10 12:53 PM
Linux discriminates Zen2 versus Haswell when loading libraries?Hans de Vries2019/09/08 10:18 PM
TB on ice lake dieMr. Camel2019/09/08 08:02 AM
Apple Math/Matrix (?) Extensions@never_released2019/09/07 05:38 AM
Apple A13 ~13% faster single core, with ~6% faster clocksShowsOn2019/09/03 02:26 AM
What exactly is "a core" ?John H2019/08/28 03:11 PM
Any future for clustering architectures?Andrew Clough2019/08/28 05:39 AM
Big Blue Open Sources Power Chip Instruction Setanon2019/08/22 07:05 PM
Geekbench 5John Poole2019/08/22 07:38 AM
InterruptsTravis Downs2019/08/19 06:13 PM
Wafer scale 46225 mm^2 device!Doug S2019/08/19 09:52 AM
Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/16 01:14 PM
Rome / Zen 2 DeepdiveBeastian2019/08/15 02:26 PM
Intel AVX-512 dev boxMr. Camel2019/08/13 12:30 PM
Xilinx Versal series - how many dies?Michael S2019/08/11 01:57 PM
Zen 2 EPYC perf much lower than Ryzen 3?anonymous22019/08/11 12:39 PM
Amateur collaborative content generationPaul A. Clayton2019/08/10 07:55 AM
EPYC SAP-SD 2-tier benchmark resultsMichael S2019/08/08 05:18 AM
Zen 2 Serveranonanon2019/08/07 06:37 PM
haunting continues: SWAPGShobold2019/08/07 01:42 AM
Linux on Apple SoCs@never_released2019/08/04 11:05 AM
Why does Ice Lake have such low base frequency?anon2019/08/03 07:09 PM
Apple is scumanon2019/08/03 12:19 AM
ICL memory renaming?Travis Downs2019/08/02 06:43 PM
Intel kills Omni-Pathj2019/08/01 12:33 PM
Ice Lake benchmarksAdrian2019/08/01 06:14 AM
Why no ARM DSP?Maynard Handley2019/07/31 03:49 PM
What do we expect from A13?Doug S2019/07/31 09:44 AM
Per-core binning on Ryzen 3000Wes Felter2019/07/30 12:11 PM
Why major web browsers don't feature convenient "No JS" switch?Michael S2019/07/30 03:26 AM
ARM Flexible Access and RISC-V Gabriele Svelto2019/07/29 01:40 PM
4-way SMT on Zen 3 rumor viabilityshaidarharan2019/07/26 01:11 PM
Cheap cloud providers with perf accessTravis Downs2019/07/25 03:31 PM
No loop unrolling on ZenGian-Carlo Pascutto2019/07/25 03:58 AM
AMD joins CLX consortiumAMD joins CXL2019/07/19 07:50 AM
Zen2 instruction latency/throughput dumpKyle Siefring2019/07/13 04:06 PM
Ryzen 2 die photoschester lam2019/07/12 05:55 PM
RISC-V base ISA ratifiedGabriele Svelto2019/07/12 11:04 AM
Future Intel server CPUs will be "Glued-together"Adrian2019/07/09 11:17 AM
AMD Zen 2 (ie, Ryzen 3000 line) benchmarks publicJason Creighton2019/07/07 03:05 PM
Do amd/intel ever give developers cpusKyle Siefring2019/07/05 05:51 PM
System vendor selling chips used in its systemsPaul A. Clayton2019/06/27 08:25 PM
ARM1/ARM2 Alternative? (20/20 Hindsight)Paul A. Clayton2019/06/27 05:47 PM
InterestingMaynard Handley2019/06/27 01:55 PM
Apple's A Series Micro-Arch is not from ARM HoldingsFacePalmedToTheNthDegree2019/06/26 09:34 PM
Security bug in AMD PSP firmwareAdrian2019/06/25 08:38 PM
Daniel Nenni (Semiwiki) and Intel's role in landmark inventionsAM2019/06/25 07:51 AM
TSMC Demonstrates A 7nm Arm-Based Chiplet Design for HPCjuanrga2019/06/25 01:59 AM
MLPerf Inference v0.5 benchmarks out!David Kanter2019/06/24 10:09 AM
Relative ARM core performanceanonymous22019/06/24 09:21 AM
gather latencyTravis Downs2019/06/19 01:15 PM
Facebook Workload AnalysisReading Papers2019/06/18 05:45 PM
Cortex-A76 & Cortex-A65 optimization guidesAdrian2019/06/14 07:27 AM
David Kanter & Gamers Nexus on AMD Navianon2019/06/13 01:26 PM
RAMBleed: Reading Bits in Memory Without Accessing ThemAdrian2019/06/11 11:44 AM
Could EPYC/Rome have eDRAM L4? (as memory-side cache)Heikki Kultala2019/06/11 04:37 AM
Performance "speed limits"Travis Downs2019/06/11 01:23 AM
Xeon E or Xeon W or Zen 2?john.doe2019/06/10 10:09 PM
Geekbench 4 Latency TestChester Lam2019/06/09 12:54 PM
Dr.Pizza of Ars TechnicaNikolas2019/06/08 12:02 AM
Why compilers don't generate vroundsd reg,reg,reg,0 ?Michael S2019/06/07 04:18 AM
European ARMv8.4-A HPC CPUAdrian2019/06/05 09:18 PM
32G library of 17k CPU docs with a focus on x86b2019/06/05 04:53 PM
Pre-populating anonymous pagesTravis Downs2019/06/05 04:48 PM
POWER9 instruction latencyTravis Downs2019/06/05 08:23 AM
SNC split reservation stations/sched?anon2019/06/04 07:39 PM
Ice Lake die sizeAM2019/05/31 10:59 AM
Exynos 9820 Geekbench 4 scoresAM2019/05/30 10:19 AM
Arduino IoTdmcq2019/05/29 06:07 AM
Newbie question, LLC-DRAM interfaceEtienne2019/05/29 01:50 AM
New info about Sunny CoveAdrian2019/05/28 02:23 AM
A great day for micro architectureanon32019/05/26 09:43 PM
AMD at computexchester lam2019/05/26 08:37 PM
ARM Architecture SVE2 & TMEAdrian2019/05/24 08:07 AM
Today's QC newsMaynard Handley2019/05/22 11:34 AM
A big plus for RISC V?dmcq2019/05/22 05:30 AM
Availability of POPCNT instruction? (x86-64)Antoine2019/05/22 01:49 AM
Clock Speed RegressionsJohn H2019/05/19 07:30 AM
an academic example of security validationhobold2019/05/19 01:58 AM
zen 2 12cdimaggio2019/05/18 03:15 AM
stupid question about SSDsMichael S2019/05/17 03:56 AM
Hardware Accelerated Garbage Collection UnitBeastian2019/05/16 02:10 PM
Hot Chips 31 Programnobody in particular2019/05/15 05:11 AM
New MDS vulnerabilities announced for Intel CPUs.Ligana2019/05/14 10:09 PM
Intel's roadmapLaurent2019/05/13 08:37 AM
Where do CPUs go next?Maynard Handley2019/05/12 01:38 PM
What happened to REX computing?chipguy2019/05/09 12:07 AM
Ice Lake-U die photoWes Felter2019/05/08 06:08 PM
SweRV Programmer's Reference ManualGabriele Svelto2019/05/08 12:31 AM
Cray & AMD win supercomputer contractAdrian2019/05/07 05:46 AM
Performance counter descriptionsTravis Downs2019/05/06 09:24 AM
Apple keyboard design and tech failureMaynard Handley2019/05/02 12:21 PM
Undocumented L1D cache eventTravis Downs2019/05/01 04:06 PM
Apple "processor supply constrained"?Meret2019/05/01 02:07 AM
TSMC updatesMaynard Handley2019/04/30 04:18 PM
Overlaid skewed associativityPaul A. Clayton2019/04/29 05:07 PM
TSMC uses Co for 7nmMaynard Handley2019/04/26 03:52 PM
Apple AWS spendingMaynard Handley2019/04/25 06:10 PM
IP protection on an SoCDoug S2019/04/24 11:36 AM
China Arm-based server chip company to closeanonymous22019/04/23 01:38 PM
Lakefield FoverosMaynard Handley2019/04/22 07:53 PM
Tesla's new FSD solutionWierdo2019/04/22 12:55 PM
Microsoft goes deterministicRobert Williams2019/04/19 01:21 PM
Expiry of x86-64 patentsBeastian2019/04/19 09:05 AM
Apple agrees to become Qualcomm's licensee and returns to their baseband chipsDummond D. Slow2019/04/18 04:47 PM
Tech side of Intel's 5G exitAM2019/04/18 09:35 AM
Wired Exclusive: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStationsleep2019/04/16 11:04 PM
What would trigger GF to pursue =< 7nm again?John H2019/04/16 02:10 PM
Is it possible to "repair" or bypass fuses in Intel CPUs?Doug S2019/04/15 11:37 AM
So Rambus thinks they have the solution to malicious speculative exectionRobert Williams2019/04/11 02:48 PM
LG's G8 Smartphone With Air Motion GesturesBrett2019/04/09 12:04 PM
Optane DC Motherboards?anonymous22019/04/07 11:22 AM
Triviablaine2019/04/05 11:36 PM
Cascade lake questions?David Kanter2019/04/01 11:53 AM
Intel VISA capabilities?Robert Williams2019/03/28 02:07 PM
Ampere eMAG available to rent for $1/hrWes Felter2019/03/28 12:23 PM
Fake Apple ARM benchmarkBrett2019/03/27 06:40 PM
How I joined MLPerfDavid Kanter2019/03/27 12:47 PM
Sometimes a micrcode update slows down your CPUTravis Downs2019/03/24 06:56 PM
Winchip 4Mr. Camel2019/03/20 04:23 AM
Intel Aurora & X^e compute architectureAdrian2019/03/18 09:53 PM
Western Digital's SweRV deep diveGabriele Svelto2019/03/15 04:53 AM
Basic Performance Measurements of the Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory ModuleWes Felter2019/03/14 07:34 PM
ASIC design expertise, opinion neededHoward Chu2019/03/14 04:11 PM
CXL interconnect specificationRobert Williams2019/03/11 10:40 AM
Nvidia acquires Mellanoxslacker2019/03/11 08:46 AM
Smother Spectre - SMT + execution unitsSecurity reader2019/03/06 03:47 PM
SPOILER: attack on store forwardinghobold2019/03/05 05:22 AM
More than you ever wanted to know about L2_RQSTSTravis Downs2019/02/28 12:27 PM
How is MASKMOVDQU implemented?Travis Downs2019/02/28 10:49 AM
Upgrade to new VM!David Kanter2019/02/24 03:18 PM
Kudos up for grabsdmcq2019/02/23 10:18 AM
Dual-architecture CPU?Charles2019/02/23 04:39 AM
E->M state transitionsTravis Downs2019/02/22 04:47 PM
forum is slowMichael S2019/02/22 06:32 AM
ARM announces Aresnobody in particular2019/02/20 08:35 AM
modern DDR4 array microphotos?Jeff S.2019/02/19 08:47 AM
ARM comes out with new vector instructions for m seriesAndrew Clough2019/02/14 11:08 AM
Looks like the rumor is finally realDoug S2019/02/08 12:41 PM
New ARMv8 memory modeldmcq2019/02/06 03:34 PM
Cooper Lake with an Sunny inside? :)Alberto2019/02/06 06:25 AM
First steps to cleaning up x86?john2019/02/02 03:15 PM
Western Digital SweRV RISC-V core is on GitHubGabriele Svelto2019/02/02 06:59 AM
Robert Swan named permenant Intel CEOAndrew Clough2019/01/31 08:18 AM
The official end of ItaniumJohn H2019/01/31 03:16 AM
Anandtech deep dive of Cannon LakeAnon2019/01/26 02:06 AM
Stack scratchpad to break the 2 load port limit?Brett2019/01/24 12:42 AM
Static sites and forums for RWT?David Kanter2019/01/21 09:11 AM
Is a zero register useful with modern OoO?anonymous22019/01/20 02:25 PM
255W TDP = 8-bit integer?John2019/01/18 05:52 AM
Qualcomm monopoly overreachBrett2019/01/16 05:59 PM
arithmetic/logic op fusionMaynard Handley2019/01/16 05:01 PM
All seniors to get health watches?Brett2019/01/16 04:29 PM
Qualcomm Centriq 'rebird' as StarDragon 4800juanrga2019/01/15 11:41 AM
Intel Values Their Own iGPUs At Exactly ZeroVertexMaster2019/01/13 07:28 PM
AMD CESsomeguy2019/01/10 02:06 PM
Disapointing NVidia Carmel core SPEC resultsAndrew Clough2019/01/07 08:47 AM
iPad Pro Wolfram Player updateMaynard Handley2019/01/06 03:56 PM
Cannonlake notesTravis Downs2018/12/31 12:47 AM
Mobile Network Providers part of a problem, not a solution any longerMaynard, one question2018/12/30 07:28 PM
Independent micro threadsBrett2018/12/30 01:55 PM
Eager execution (Speculative Execution)Domaldel2018/12/29 04:12 AM
Samgung foundry viability for high performance high volume logicanon2018/12/24 11:26 PM
SAP SD 2-tier benchmark for POWER9 anon2018/12/21 11:25 AM
Updated CPU infoPer Hesselgren2018/12/21 02:35 AM
IBM Going with Samsung after dumping GlobalFoundriesAnon2018/12/20 12:07 PM
RISC-V Summit ProceedingsGabriele Svelto2018/12/19 09:36 AM
IP - we blocked your botDavid Kanter2018/12/18 12:24 PM
Arm adds SMT, a defeat in efficiency?none2018/12/18 10:10 AM
HC30 content open to publicjuanrga2018/12/18 04:11 AM
MIPS Goes Open SourceAdrian2018/12/17 01:02 PM
MLPerf v0.5 training resultsDavid Kanter2018/12/12 03:03 PM
Sunny Cove wideSeni2018/12/12 02:58 PM
Sunny Cove address space increaseanonymous22018/12/12 10:08 AM
QuickPath/UltraPath link encryption?Jeff S.2018/12/11 02:16 PM
Qualcomm lays off 269 from data center unit. The unit is gone.john2018/12/07 03:50 PM
Intel 7 nm "on track"? 10 nm to be mostly skipped?Wes Felter2018/12/06 01:21 PM
Case for Apple to design server CPU?Doug S2018/12/05 11:07 AM
GCC is a fine compiler, but... once moreMichael S2018/12/04 05:54 AM
TB3 DeveloperMr. Camel2018/12/03 10:34 AM
Calculating Peak FMA throughput on CPUsanonymous22018/12/03 09:10 AM
Gromacs: Zen AVX2 vs AVX512 Larrabeejustcurious2018/12/01 04:18 PM
How tightly coupled is uArch/implementation to ISA on modern OoO CPUs?anonymous22018/11/29 11:50 AM
Amazon EC2 Instances (A1) Powered by Arm-Based AWS Graviton Processorsdbcooper2018/11/26 10:17 PM
Intel 10nm COAC broken?Brett2018/11/25 08:42 PM
Amazon's special Skylake SauceTravis Downs2018/11/25 02:50 PM
Where is Apple headed?Maynard Handley2018/11/25 10:47 AM
Huawei HiSilicon ARM server chips that Im sure you can totally buyWes Felter2018/11/20 12:23 PM
L2 bandwidth on SkylakeTravis Downs2018/11/19 05:24 PM
MRAM at VLSI 2018David Kanter2018/11/19 02:40 PM
STIPB performance hitTravis Downs2018/11/18 11:13 AM
Apple will design its own 5G modem (and 8 reasons why)AM2018/11/15 11:59 AM
the next 7 (Meltdown & Spectre)hobold2018/11/15 06:17 AM
Why only ~10 fill buffers?Travis Downs2018/11/13 12:40 PM
A12X packagingMaynard Handley2018/11/12 07:24 PM
Intel Xeon AVX-512 units per coreanonymous22018/11/12 02:34 PM
ThunderX2 Enters the Top 500nobody in particular2018/11/12 09:55 AM
Interview with PapermasterAM2018/11/12 08:46 AM
Epyc 2 needs no frequency drop for 256-bit AVXAdrian2018/11/12 08:41 AM
Why Intel Processors Draw More Power Than Expected: TDP and Turbo Explained @ AnandtechGabriele Svelto2018/11/12 06:08 AM
Phoronix Power 9 BenchmarksBeastian2018/11/10 10:13 AM
How does dual-SIM work on non-iOS?Maynard Handley2018/11/08 04:12 PM
Ars Technica A12X walk throughDoug S2018/11/07 02:30 PM
AnandTech SPEC2006 scores for ARM SoCGian-Carlo Pascutto2018/11/07 01:29 AM
People still betting on QC might want to rethink thatMaynard Handley2018/11/06 09:37 PM
Zen2 socket compatibleGoose2018/11/06 03:15 PM
Why no EMIB?dmcq2018/11/06 03:45 AM
Apple-Intel benchmark other than GeekBenchAdrian2018/11/05 10:38 PM
PoemKyle Siefring2018/11/05 06:57 AM
Portsmash SMT side-channel exploitBeastian2018/11/02 08:15 AM
Peak iPhoneBrett2018/11/01 06:55 PM
epyc 2 controllerdimagio2018/10/31 10:17 AM
David visits AustraliaDavid Kanter2018/10/30 06:05 PM
Latency data TR 2990WXPer Hesselgren2018/10/26 02:19 PM
Zhaoxin at 1.8GHzPer Hesselgren2018/10/26 02:07 PM
Some hopes on Ice LakeAlberto2018/10/24 09:19 AM
ARM battery life revisitedMaynard Handley2018/10/23 01:51 PM
Arm Research Summitdmcq2018/10/22 06:15 AM
Intel pulls plug on 10nm?AM2018/10/22 04:43 AM
Intel reorg / 10nm troubles articleDoug S2018/10/17 11:35 AM
Cache coherent GPU/CPU interface in consumer? CatMerc2018/10/17 08:11 AM
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