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AMD - Xilinx merger. Potential technical synergies?Björn Ragnar Björnsson2020/10/27 04:03 PM
Arm's Custom Datatpath Extensiondmcq2020/10/26 02:27 PM
Feature of (data) type for AIMoritz2020/10/23 03:15 AM
Unexpected back-to-back L1 performanceAntoine2020/10/15 03:31 PM
Imagination launches IP for multi-chip GPUsAnon2020/10/15 01:56 AM
Today's Apple EventMaynard Handley2020/10/13 12:24 PM
Amd is to Xilinx as Intel is to Altera; why now?anon2020/10/08 09:37 PM
Zen 3Blue2020/10/08 09:58 AM
ARM server in real worldMaynard Handley2020/10/08 09:52 AM
ARM Makalu to be +30% over Cortex-A78 in SPECint single-thread (gains slowing down a bit?)Dummond D. Slow2020/10/08 07:15 AM
New Intel Architecture Terms of ServiceAnon2020/10/07 01:02 PM
AMD way prediction method (and side channel)Paul A. Clayton2020/10/04 06:05 AM
x86 User InterruptsJohn Smith2020/10/03 06:17 AM
Plausible A4 numbersMaynard Handley2020/10/02 10:19 PM
Windows for ARM getting AMD64 emulationAnon2020/09/30 01:00 PM
Memtest86+ 5.01Etienne Lorrain2020/09/28 12:59 AM
Intel Elkhart LakeTremont2020/09/23 09:38 AM
Fill L2 on L2 miss or L1 only?Travis Downs2020/09/23 09:12 AM
Imagination whitepaper on the six levels of ray tracing accelerationSalvatore De Dominicis2020/09/22 08:48 AM
ARM annouces new V1 and N2 coresAndrew Clough2020/09/22 06:48 AM
Paper recommendationMaynard Handley2020/09/21 12:05 PM
John Carmack on XR2 / 865Beastian2020/09/19 10:56 AM
Tiger Lake performance profileanon2020/09/17 07:10 PM
IBM open sources A2O out of order coreanon22020/09/16 12:34 AM
speculation *beyond* retirementTravis Downs2020/09/14 07:02 PM
Book RecommendationMaynard Handley2020/09/14 06:40 PM
NV to Acquire ARM (deal close?)anonymous22020/09/12 12:58 PM
Help a CPU guy understand GPU ALUs (scalar vs vector)Rudolf K.2020/09/05 02:48 AM
x64-64 pointer arithmetics between 47 and 48 bits - there is a 47-bit barrier?Heikki Kultala2020/09/01 03:43 AM
Useful side effect of our recent autovectorization discussionMichael S2020/08/31 05:22 AM
Slack channel, discord, etc. for RWT?David Kanter2020/08/29 03:19 PM
A rather premature predictiondmcq2020/08/28 07:04 AM
novel store/load transformations observed in Zen 2Jeff S.2020/08/28 06:05 AM
Very little downclocking in client ICLTravis Downs2020/08/19 11:54 AM
Hot Chips Photonicsdmcq2020/08/19 03:58 AM
Srcs of core speedupMaynard Handley2020/08/18 11:04 AM
ARM and standards for power-saving and other thingsRob Thorpe2020/08/17 08:25 AM
Hot Chips slack hangout #h-rwt, come visit!David Kanter2020/08/17 07:39 AM
ThunderX3Rayla2020/08/17 07:17 AM
IBM introduces POWER10Crystal S. Diamond2020/08/16 10:20 PM
An insider’s view of Intel’s process woesHnreader2020/08/15 10:11 AM
Source of ARM ISA advantage?joema2020/08/15 09:48 AM
Tigerlake documents?Michael S2020/08/14 01:20 AM
Intel graphics quantum leap... again?anny2020/08/13 08:39 AM
Intel 10nm "SuperFin"John H2020/08/12 12:57 PM
NUVIA PhoenixAdrian2020/08/11 11:00 AM
Ice Lake mobile: Magnetic Inductor Arrays for FIVRjokerman2020/08/11 08:27 AM
AMD big.LITTLE? Jose2020/08/10 04:01 AM
Some Intel 10nm+ detailsjokerman2020/08/09 11:58 AM
SMT Solving on an iPhone (A12 vs i7-7700k)anonymous22020/08/09 10:43 AM
BasicBlockerAdrian2020/08/08 09:37 AM
F. Piednoel on Intel's woesBeastian2020/08/05 08:09 PM
Sequential consistency in hardwarenever_released2020/08/03 08:44 AM
The x86 tax -- ThunderX2/X3juanrga2020/07/31 03:24 AM
Apple Silicon switchable memory modelTravis Downs2020/07/29 08:59 PM
LLC on multi-socketPurple People Eater2020/07/28 02:25 PM
more change at Intelanonymou52020/07/27 04:41 PM
latest Fritzchens Fritz die pics: SKX and KNLanonymou52020/07/26 01:34 AM
Branch prediction defaults and hintsTravis Downs2020/07/25 07:41 PM
Intel announces 7nm delayDoug S2020/07/23 03:12 PM
ARM "for sale"anonymous22020/07/23 12:51 PM
RWT turns 24David Kanter2020/07/23 10:28 AM
Intel Cooper LakeAnon2020/07/22 10:58 PM
E-Commerce Buyer for PC Components UnexperiencedBuyer2020/07/22 02:18 PM
Modern coresMaynard Handley2020/07/22 10:03 AM
Maybe we get both our wishes in 2020?Maynard Handley2020/07/17 06:09 PM
Intel Alder Lake supports AVX-512 despite what others might have misunderstoodAlderLake2020/07/13 09:55 AM
Skylake-SP area breakdownDavid Kanter2020/07/12 06:13 PM
intel ark portal dead?Michael S2020/07/12 12:22 PM
Alder Lake and AVX-512me2020/07/11 07:02 AM
Intel Focused Value PredictionFVP2020/07/07 05:29 AM
Apple confirms dumping AMD GPU support in WWDC 2020 presentationAppleGPU2020/07/07 01:01 AM
Concurrency costsTravis Downs2020/07/06 07:26 PM
Two more pieces are filled in...Maynard Handley2020/07/05 12:16 AM
Small 5" bezel-less smartphone project OneDevice.Pierre-Louis Boyer2020/07/01 06:44 AM
Load-Acquire vs Load-AcquirePCMichael S2020/07/01 02:15 AM
InterestingMaynard Handley2020/06/29 10:55 AM
Rosetta 2 benchmarkNiels Jørgen Kruse2020/06/29 09:12 AM
Where does the OS run in a hetero-core? (HPC, IBM, ARM)David Kanter2020/06/28 10:58 AM
If we petition Apple can we get them to open source the upcoming A14 chip's RTL ?anon2020/06/27 08:28 PM
ARM smartphone share?anonymous22020/06/26 09:08 PM
Reducing self-modifying code / single-use JIT performance penaltyNyan2020/06/26 09:06 PM
Ice Lake statusMichael S2020/06/26 08:10 AM
Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX) instruction set in Intel Sapphire RapidsAMX2020/06/26 05:21 AM
Apple dumped x86 because Skylake sucked?Doug S2020/06/25 10:58 PM
idea for iMac Pro in 2021 Michael S2020/06/25 01:15 AM
AMD on MacsMaynard Handley2020/06/24 07:36 PM
Summary on Arm macsnever_released2020/06/24 11:16 AM
Anandtech says Rosetta 2 won't support AVXDoug S2020/06/23 03:45 AM
Does transition to Apple Silicon mean no more discrete AMD GPU?Geert Bosch2020/06/22 08:38 PM
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!Maynard Handley2020/06/22 11:26 AM
TPUv3 paper at CACMDavid Kanter2020/06/21 10:32 AM
ouch!Maynard Handley2020/06/20 10:40 AM
Fine-grained binning of OOOE structuresTravis Downs2020/06/18 05:40 PM
Jim Keller unexpectedly leaves Intelanonymou52020/06/11 03:32 PM
Special Register Buffer Data Sampling (Intel CPU exploit)anonymous22020/06/09 10:55 AM
AMD Zen with ARM front-endPaul2020/06/09 06:13 AM
Apple Plans to Announce Move to Its Own Mac Chips at WWDCClaire McDonald2020/06/09 04:47 AM
Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)anonymous22020/06/02 11:23 PM
Understanding Cortex M4F instructions timingMichael S2020/06/01 11:07 AM
ISCA 2020 Intel paper: Focused Value Predictionanonymou52020/05/30 04:52 PM
Why are split L2 caches unpopular?anon22020/05/30 04:37 PM
What secrets does the kernel have?Paul A. Clayton2020/05/28 01:47 PM
ARM L1$ and L2$ replacement algorithimblaine2020/05/27 02:57 PM
ARMARM cortex A78 and X1 releasedp2020/05/26 03:03 PM
kreg (mask) register file shared with MMX/x87Travis Downs2020/05/26 12:17 AM
Old school (~1995-2003) frequency scaling vs today within a single node?John H2020/05/23 05:32 AM
Coming compute style?Moritz2020/05/22 01:20 AM
PowerPC takes a risky stepanon2020/05/22 12:04 AM
What are these white parts?Travis Downs2020/05/21 09:20 AM
New Intel Optimization manualanon2020/05/21 07:54 AM
New article: Transistor count: A Flawed MetricDavid Kanter2020/05/18 07:04 AM
TSMC halts new Huawei orders after US tightens restrictionsdmcq2020/05/18 03:46 AM
Staggered timer interrupt?Paul A. Clayton2020/05/16 02:42 PM
12 ways to fool the masses (HPC)Paul A. Clayton2020/05/16 02:41 PM
The bombshellPaul2020/05/15 12:19 AM
NVIDIA Ampere Architecture In-DepthAmpere2020/05/14 07:15 AM
Skylake CPU can eliminate some zero-on-zero writesTravis Downs2020/05/13 03:09 PM
New article: Power Delivery in a Modern ProcessorDavid Kanter2020/05/11 07:37 AM
google maps on firefoxMichael S2020/05/10 01:49 PM
68K equivalent of Pentium Chronicles?John H2020/05/09 04:14 AM
I-to-M transitionTravis Downs2020/05/01 04:17 PM
Intel removed ECC support from latest i3 CPUsMaxwell2020/04/30 05:27 PM
Post-Silicon CPU Adaptationanon2020/04/29 08:59 PM
OpenCL 3.0Laurent2020/04/28 08:06 PM
High res SKL-SP die shotTravis Downs2020/04/27 05:19 PM
Unneccessary MUXesMoritz2020/04/27 12:41 PM
It's now a rumor in the mainstreamMaynard Handley2020/04/23 09:02 AM
Come see my MLPerf talk at GTCDavid Kanter2020/04/15 08:23 PM
Constraints on clock frequencyAndrew Clough2020/04/15 11:08 AM
Google building its own phone SoCAnon2020/04/14 01:40 PM
Tiger lake leak, Intel 10nm fixed?Tiger Lake Leaks2020/04/14 09:30 AM
Intel V0LTpwn vs. SGXAdrian2020/04/12 03:38 AM
Does Alexa offer genuine automation? How about Google Home?Maynard Handley2020/04/10 07:03 PM
Increasing the number of "in flight" instructions on OoO processorsEtienne2020/04/07 12:50 AM
Canyon Bridge Capital seeks to appoint 4 board members to ImgTecBenji Gifford2020/04/04 05:48 PM
Tachyum Prodigy detailsAdrian2020/04/03 04:17 AM
Why not initialize all variables to zero?Doug S2020/03/26 12:13 PM
Intel Rocket Lake-SRocket Lake2020/03/22 09:53 AM
A12ZMaynard Handley2020/03/18 10:51 AM
AMD has ray tracing in the xboxxbox curious2020/03/18 08:26 AM
Do you really need a sense amplifier for MRAM?Paul2020/03/13 01:37 AM
LVIanonymou52020/03/10 10:11 AM
TRRespassanonymou52020/03/10 10:08 AM
Anandtech Graviton2 review with SPECnobody in particular2020/03/10 05:44 AM
gcc is a fine compiler but... 2020-03Michael S2020/03/09 03:05 PM
A64FX microarchitecture manualnone2020/03/09 10:26 AM
Are Intel CPU top guns are still working for them?Michael S2020/03/09 09:47 AM
Cascade Lake L3 Adaptive Replacement Policyanon2020/03/08 02:24 PM
Intel Alder Lake has 8 big cores(Golden Cove?) and 8 small cores(Gracemont?)Alder Lake2020/03/08 12:16 PM
Relevant to Nuvia?Maynard Handley2020/03/05 12:22 PM
Speaking of using native OS functionalityMaynard Handley2020/03/03 02:46 PM
Cost of starting a thread on different microarchitecturesanon2020/03/01 05:03 AM
I want to make a proper workstation class laptopPaul2020/02/26 06:22 PM
ARM based MACsJose2020/02/25 04:56 AM
Zen2 ISSCC slidesitsmydamnation2020/02/21 03:07 PM
Has there ever been a CPU with ...Moritz2020/02/21 08:11 AM
ARM custom instructionsGabriele Svelto2020/02/18 08:43 AM
The indescribable stupidity of bfloat16Hans de Vries2020/02/18 05:35 AM
AMD Family 17h Instruction Latencies spreadsheet ?Michael S2020/02/11 03:05 AM
ARM announces Cortex M55 and Ethos-U55 Andrew Clough2020/02/10 12:31 PM
clang is a fine compiler but...Michael S2020/02/08 12:28 PM
Load-Store architecture vs direct memory ops tradeoffs , and micro-ops - what am I missing?Heikki Kultala2020/02/05 04:26 AM
flag merging uops on SkylakeTravis Downs2020/01/26 01:20 PM
What are ports, really?Travis Downs2020/01/24 01:16 PM
Logic in leading foundry process nodesMoritz2020/01/24 11:28 AM
Centaur Technologies AMA on Reddit-.-2020/01/22 09:42 PM
*Interesting*Maynard Handley2020/01/20 02:50 PM
aarch64 online compiler explorersMichael S2020/01/19 08:08 AM
AVX-512 downclocking postTravis Downs2020/01/16 09:20 PM
LLVM comments on mem*Maynard Handley2020/01/14 01:51 PM
SKX IVRTravis Downs2020/01/12 08:28 PM
weird movd + ymmTravis Downs2020/01/06 04:48 PM
both rwt forum and site are slow. Is it just me? (NT)Michael S2020/01/05 02:35 PM
Nuances related to Spinlock implementation and the Linux SchedulerBeastian2020/01/03 12:46 PM
On package stacked memoryPaul2020/01/02 11:00 PM
So the Apple GPU was really a PowerVR after allGabriele Svelto2020/01/02 02:22 PM
Fermi and Gen9 on GB4 HistEqChester2020/01/01 07:01 PM
Steven Sinofsky on PC futuresMaynard Handley2019/12/31 09:17 PM
Memory-memory move instructions on x862019/12/31 11:47 AM
On-package and on-die powerPaul2019/12/30 08:31 AM
Interesting reverse engineering of the PSP in the previous generation of AMD ZenAdrian2019/12/29 06:38 AM
Intel Xe variable vector widthHugo Décharnes2019/12/27 09:32 AM
Job Opening for ISA ArchitectzArchJon2019/12/19 07:40 AM
Beyond hot and cold code?Paul A. Clayton2019/12/17 02:03 PM
IC coherenceanon.12019/12/17 02:25 AM
more specology - BMIMichael S2019/12/14 01:04 PM
RISC-V sumitGabriele Svelto2019/12/13 02:38 PM
Detailed comparison of ARM vs x86 on WindowsBeastian2019/12/11 09:21 AM
ThunderX3juanrga2019/12/11 01:17 AM
Apple suing Williams III over NuviaBeastian2019/12/10 07:56 AM
Forum registration seem to be brokenPaul2019/12/10 05:40 AM
Hotchips 2019 ProceedingsPoindexter2019/12/10 05:38 AM
Ampere second gen ARM serversjuanrga2019/12/06 06:57 AM
AVX-512 mask registersTravis Downs2019/12/05 02:03 PM
Graviton2 server chipJose2019/12/03 10:43 AM
Graviton2 SoCGionatan Danti2019/12/03 10:42 AM
Single Thread performance is aliveanonimi2019/11/29 12:29 PM
Cost of adding a second read portTravis Downs2019/11/26 01:49 PM
How much do you win with AVX512Per Hesselgren2019/11/26 09:13 AM
RISC-V Foundation moving to Switzerland over trade curb fearsanonymou52019/11/26 12:38 AM
Notes from SC19David Kanter2019/11/25 06:54 PM
Next year AMD Zen is claimed to have a new microarchitectureAdrian2019/11/19 07:35 AM
A new x86 core & SoC from VIA/CentaurGabriele Svelto2019/11/19 07:14 AM
A64FX prototype enters Green500 at #1Wilco2019/11/18 01:41 PM
More details about the Intel XeAdrian2019/11/17 11:36 PM
New competitor for server CPUsAdrian2019/11/15 09:50 AM
Cray/Fujitsu supercomputing partnershipGabriele Svelto2019/11/13 02:38 PM
while we're at Intel Core bugshobold2019/11/12 03:10 PM
Intel jump erratumTravis Downs2019/11/12 01:09 PM
Why no ADC/SBC instructions not exposed in ACLE?Michael S2019/11/11 02:56 AM
How Swift ABI is implementedMaynard Handley2019/11/09 12:11 PM
Apple's early silicon effortsMaynard Handley2019/11/06 01:57 PM
Risc-V getting real?Anon2019/10/31 03:10 PM
Glofo and TSMC patentslockederboss2019/10/31 09:41 AM
What's the most efficient processor as far as area is concerned?Philip2019/10/25 04:31 AM
Tremont detailsJohn2019/10/24 11:52 AM
Intel TremontAdrian2019/10/24 11:46 AM
Exynos 990Beastian2019/10/23 03:31 PM
Zen 2 criticism / Zen 3 theoriesWes Felter2019/10/20 05:15 PM
gcc generates better code than MSVC ? Well, it dependsMichael S2019/10/19 06:27 PM
New Transisitor Optimization in Willow Coveme2019/10/19 07:51 AM
Move elimination - where documented?Michael S2019/10/09 11:27 AM
Well that's finally over:Maynard Handley2019/10/07 07:35 PM
Ice Lake updates to optimization manualTravis Downs2019/10/05 06:38 PM
Intel proposes new SAPM memory type to protect against Spectre-like attacksBhima2019/10/04 07:20 AM
Samsung rumored to be ditching Mongoose uArchBeastian2019/10/02 09:54 AM
Microsoft semi-custom processorsAdrian2019/10/02 08:59 AM
Surface Pro X SQ1 ARM SoC detailsBeastian2019/10/02 08:38 AM
Where are they now?nostalgiac2019/10/02 01:17 AM
server marketsomeone2019/09/27 10:55 PM
Dell PE R240 refuses to turbo to MaxMichael S2019/09/25 03:17 AM
Jim Keller talk hints at Ocean Cove ambitionsBeastian2019/09/24 06:31 PM
IBM z15 CPU DetailsAnon2019/09/20 01:52 PM
Apollo Lake reliability issueGionatan Danti2019/09/18 03:20 AM
uarch-bench for Ryzen 3000Adrian2019/09/16 08:19 AM
netcat security flawjouni osmala2019/09/12 10:22 PM
Why does IBM use so many metal layers?anon2019/09/11 06:09 PM
Scoring the rumors:Maynard Handley2019/09/10 12:53 PM
Linux discriminates Zen2 versus Haswell when loading libraries?Hans de Vries2019/09/08 10:18 PM
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