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Supply chains and trustDavid Kanter2018/10/04 08:23 AM and WARP-V core CPU core generatorGabriele Svelto2018/10/02 07:25 AM
uop replay after L1 missTravis Downs2018/09/30 06:25 PM
Apple wins (for now?) against Moshovos patentMaynard Handley2018/09/29 12:04 AM
SMM/EL3 does work on Apple CPUsMaynard Handley2018/09/28 03:38 PM
How will the L1 cache look like?Per Hesselgren2018/09/27 07:42 AM
Why have none of the alternative RAMs taken off?a random lady2018/09/27 07:06 AM
Articles from VLSI symposiumDavid Kanter2018/09/26 09:05 PM
epyc 2dimagio2018/09/26 12:34 AM
A12 die shotMaynard Handley2018/09/25 10:43 AM
More about A12 on board cores Maynard Handley2018/09/22 11:12 PM
MultiChip 12:32 AM
Ampere eMAG ARM processorsGabriele Svelto2018/09/19 02:37 PM
M-state and L1 cache writebacksTravis Downs2018/09/18 08:40 PM
GB4 A12 results (vs Snapdragon 845)anonymous22018/09/18 08:12 PM
Hey passing throughDavid Kanter2018/09/17 04:39 PM
4-cycle L1 latency on Intel not as general as thoughTravis Downs2018/09/17 04:32 PM
Intel's latest baseband contains an x86 CPUGabriele Svelto2018/09/16 12:41 PM
POWER9 deployment at GoogleGabriele Svelto2018/09/16 01:08 AM
Filling some gaps in A12/iPhone and Kirin 980AM2018/09/14 08:27 AM
A12 GB4Maynard Handley2018/09/13 02:18 PM
Flux Generators?Brett2018/09/13 10:32 AM
Environmental requirementsdmcq2018/09/13 07:28 AM
Meltdown fixed in 9000 series?hobold2018/09/13 05:48 AM
A12 pointer authenticationDoug S2018/09/12 03:46 PM
What is an Ultra Book, and why does it matter anyway?Passing Through2018/09/11 02:59 PM
Intel's Manufacturing NetworkMr. Camel2018/09/10 06:23 PM
Rpi BCM chips - Who fabs what process?John H2018/09/09 09:24 AM
Water cooling versus Immersiondmcq2018/09/07 07:55 AM
Pinebook: Minimalist ARM laptop @ $99some.person2018/09/05 02:20 PM
Intel's Configurable Spatial AcceleratorBhima2018/09/02 03:25 AM
Intel's platform power draw (video playback) in near futureAM2018/09/01 07:28 AM
Why was astar removed from SPEC 2017?anonanon2018/08/31 09:12 PM
Kirin980 introducedAM2018/08/31 08:31 AM
Globalfoundries "14nm/12nm" customers? Other than AMD?Heikki Kultala2018/08/31 12:52 AM
exynos on the open marketMichael S2018/08/29 03:22 AM
GF fails, quits 7nm, becomes a relic of the pastnoon2018/08/27 01:58 PM
Dirty upper 256 causes everything to run at AVX-512 frequenciesTravis2018/08/24 05:32 PM
Some TravisCI instances are running on ZenTravis2018/08/24 03:04 PM
let's discuss NEC's improved vector engine tooMichael S2018/08/24 05:07 AM
AVX-512 downclocking not as bad as thought?Travis2018/08/24 01:01 AM
BOOM RISC-V siliconWes Felter2018/08/23 12:39 PM
TIL: something weird about vzeroallTravis2018/08/21 09:46 PM
Fujitsu unveils Arm V8-A SVE coreBeastian2018/08/21 08:09 PM
Nantero nanotube memorydmcq2018/08/21 03:18 PM
Threadripper 2990WX compilation performanceAdrian2018/08/19 10:19 PM
Powerful ARM hw for saleAM2018/08/19 08:06 AM
80486DX annotated die shotjuanrga2018/08/18 04:00 AM
ARM turns to a god and a heroAM2018/08/16 09:32 AM
Intel launched CNL-equipped NUCAM2018/08/16 05:58 AM
AVX2 and AVX-512 frequencies for W-2014Travis2018/08/14 08:37 PM
Free compiler that generates PowerPC VLE?Michael S2018/08/14 06:56 AM
Nvidia TuringTuring2018/08/13 06:49 PM
Threadripper 32 core reviewPer Hesselgren2018/08/13 08:50 AM
Building gcc from source. Headers.Michael S2018/08/11 02:12 PM
Poll Cores vs per thread performance value Jouni Osmala2018/08/06 12:03 AM
Virus impacts TSMC fabrication toolsDoug S2018/08/04 02:51 PM
TIL: simple vs complex addressing is resolved at rename time (probably)Travis2018/08/03 01:34 PM
AMD cache SRAM types?Heikki Kultala2018/08/01 11:48 PM
Weird L2 latency effectTravis2018/08/01 10:01 PM
Critical word firstTravis Downs2018/08/01 02:10 PM
What does (number)T mean in mfg process specs?Heikki Kultala2018/08/01 05:41 AM
Hot Chips 30 (Aug 19-21)Jeff S.2018/07/31 12:46 PM
NetSpectre: Read Arbitrary Memory over Networkanon2018/07/30 11:50 AM
Icelake has doubles L2 CacheCharlie2018/07/29 04:47 PM
Intel further delays 10nmDoug S2018/07/27 11:55 AM
Ha ha ha ha haMaynard Handley2018/07/25 04:42 PM
Darpa chip initiativefoobaz2018/07/24 02:32 PM
IBM Meltdown APARs (patches) for zOS on Zrwessel2018/07/24 07:25 AM
Samsung's GPUDavid Kanter2018/07/23 09:21 PM
New article on Intel's 3DXPDavid Kanter2018/07/23 10:02 AM
RWT: 22 years old!David Kanter2018/07/23 07:45 AM
Interaction between L1 and L2 in a non-inclusive/exclusive designTravis2018/07/21 07:51 PM
Some Qualcomm staff words about upcoming overrated 7nm and 5nm nodesAlberto2018/07/20 08:37 AM
Happy 50th birthday to Intel and congrats to everyone involvedDavid Kanter2018/07/18 11:56 PM
3D XPoint Crash and burnBrett2018/07/18 10:07 PM
Xeon E SKUs announced, see the Ryzen effect in actionGabriele Svelto2018/07/12 01:00 PM
Centriq SparkSQL benchmarksBeastian2018/07/10 09:39 AM
ARM launches site to spread FUD about RISC-VGabriele Svelto2018/07/09 03:01 PM
What happens to outstanding L1 misses when they are on the bad path?Travis2018/07/09 02:45 PM
IP laundering -- AMD Zen Family 17h to HMC to Hygon Dhyana Family 18h anonymou52018/07/09 06:55 AM
Forbes suggests to reconsider Intel stockAM2018/07/07 05:29 AM
Apple dumps Intel's WiFi and BluetoothAM2018/07/06 01:24 PM
Come to my panel at Semicon next weekDavid Kanter2018/07/06 07:18 AM
Samsung and ARM extend partnership to 7LPP, 5LPE and Cortex A76AM2018/07/05 12:13 PM
Why did people dislike dmcq2018/07/03 01:23 PM
Geekbench result for upcoming iPhoneNiels Jørgen Kruse2018/07/02 10:30 AM
xGMI in Vega 20Jeff S.2018/06/30 07:49 AM
Packing in supercomputersdmcq2018/06/28 07:07 AM
Snapdragon 1000 / Cortex-A76Adrian2018/06/23 05:37 AM
Fujitsu exhibiting Post-K chip at ISCdmcq2018/06/22 04:06 PM
Intel's 10nm IITC paper and AMAT's pubs provide some cluesAM2018/06/22 11:50 AM
TSMC is unstoppable -- 50 7nm tapeouts in '18, 5nm risk mfg in H1'19, $24B into 5nmAM2018/06/22 04:13 AM
Krzanich out at IntelJeff S.2018/06/21 06:18 AM
Samsung YieldsThe_Kanter2018/06/20 08:07 PM
Memory Disambiguation on SkylakeTravis2018/06/19 08:48 PM
FFTW on Nvidia Jetson TX2Mr. Camel2018/06/19 02:40 PM
Microsoft ported Windows & Linux to EDGE processornoon2018/06/19 05:29 AM
Sandia orders 2.5PF ThunderX2 Clusternobody in particular2018/06/18 06:53 PM
Microsoft E2someone2018/06/18 12:48 AM
RWT goes to VLSI symposiumDavid Kanter2018/06/17 05:52 PM
Wave Computing Acquired MIPSjohn2018/06/15 01:23 PM
LazyFP: high temperatures lastinghobold2018/06/14 02:23 AM
Intel's 10nm process got analyzed with a shocking disclosureAM2018/06/13 09:10 AM
Qualcomm still running server bizBeastian2018/06/12 10:19 PM
Intel CLX-APAdrian2018/06/12 09:06 PM
Advances in packagingMaynard Handley2018/06/12 01:49 PM
Intel's graphics cards to arrive in 2020anon2018/06/12 12:11 PM
HFS+ and Be vs NeXTYuhong Bao2018/06/11 08:50 PM
Tachyum Prodigy - next itanium/elbrus/transmeta/denver OR competitor to xeon phi?Heikki Kultala2018/06/11 10:52 AM
Why is EPYC clock-scaling so badPer Hesselgren2018/06/10 12:50 PM
Xeon-E3 - EOL or notMichael_S2018/06/10 08:46 AM
Is AMD killing the nascent ARM server market?Doug S2018/06/08 01:41 AM
Nice catch from CharlieAM2018/06/04 11:00 AM
Another real world A11 to Skylake comparisonMaynard Handley2018/06/02 11:29 PM
The strange story of the ARM Meltdown-fix backportGabriele Svelto2018/06/02 12:44 PM
Upgrading WPDavid Kanter2018/06/02 10:16 AM
Maybe Apple really will do ARM Macs this timeDoug S2018/06/01 03:18 AM
ARM Cortex-A76Adrian2018/06/01 12:51 AM
Perhaps the buyer for Centriq IP has already made an offer?Maynard Handley2018/05/31 01:10 PM
Optane DIMMsanonymous22018/05/30 02:32 PM
cost of securityMichael_S2018/05/27 02:36 AM
ECC on mobile chips?someone2018/05/25 12:09 PM
TSMC started fabbing Apple's 7nm A12, Samsung confirms 7nm start this yearAM2018/05/24 05:08 AM
Is Intel's switch from Cu premature or...?AM2018/05/24 05:02 AM
Spectre & Meltdown for the Average UserRoyi2018/05/23 01:13 PM
Anandtech ThunderX2 reviewnobody in particular2018/05/23 07:14 AM
Does MESI ensure stronger intra-block consistency?Paul A. Clayton2018/05/22 05:14 PM
EPYC benchmarksMichael S2018/05/22 03:02 PM
Are ideas cheap?Paul A. Clayton2018/05/22 12:38 PM
ARM gets into the machine learning accelerator gameAndrew Clough2018/05/22 08:45 AM
Introducing Variant 3a, 4...john2018/05/21 03:01 PM
measuring cache latency is hard :-/hobold2018/05/17 08:54 AM
Reviving old architecturesoriansj2018/05/17 07:01 AM
Amdahl's LawJohn H2018/05/17 03:51 AM
Why cobalt?Heikki Kultala2018/05/16 12:47 AM
Analytics is deadAM2018/05/15 12:04 PM
CerebrasBill Wheatings2018/05/15 08:23 AM
Intel's shakeup continues. CMO is oustedjohn2018/05/14 05:13 AM
Supposed A12 Geekbench results leakedDoug S2018/05/12 10:52 AM
[OT] shutdownFoo_2018/05/10 02:44 PM
Memory latency in 1970sAnon2018/05/09 10:28 PM
GLitch remote (website) based remote Rowhammer exploit on ARM Android devicesnoone2018/05/08 06:59 PM
Intel is investing in RISC-Vjohn2018/05/08 04:59 PM
Qualcomm plans exit from server businessBeastian2018/05/07 06:16 PM
Cavium announces ThunderX2Adrian2018/05/07 06:32 AM
What parts of the memory controller in Zeppelin is AMD designed? CuriousType2018/05/07 04:42 AM
clang is a fine compiler, but...Michael S2018/05/07 04:31 AM
Disabling Spectre & Meltdown mitigations results in worse performance?Travis2018/05/06 02:26 PM
Did Tejas ever make it to working silicon?John H2018/05/06 11:07 AM
Windows on ARM/SD is already dying...john2018/05/04 11:57 AM
Spectre Next Generationhobold2018/05/03 02:49 AM
ARM to Chinaanonanon2018/05/02 09:49 PM
MLPerfjohn2018/05/02 11:03 AM
MIPS abandons RISCBrett2018/05/02 10:02 AM
Transactional write journalMS2018/05/01 09:17 AM
TSX not available everywheresomeone2018/04/30 12:29 PM
red zoneMichael S2018/04/30 01:25 AM
amd family 10h/12h and spectre2 caseanon2018/04/27 11:39 PM
Intel's 10nm Is BrokenSteve2018/04/26 08:04 PM
Intel poached Jim Kellernoone2018/04/25 10:26 PM
Anandtech Ryzen 2 review auditMegol2018/04/25 09:18 AM
POWER9 user manualGabriele Svelto2018/04/19 02:26 PM
How does one improve an L1 latency by 13%?Mark Roulo2018/04/19 01:00 PM
x86 SMT4 for future cores?CuriousFellow2018/04/18 05:53 AM
Samsung 7nm EUV updateMaynard Handley2018/04/17 06:15 PM
Silvermont Atom vs Cortex A53Gionatan Danti2018/04/14 04:27 AM
Android bumping up the default page size (to 64KiB?)Gabriele Svelto2018/04/13 01:57 PM
Cloudflare: ARM NEON instruction optimizationBeastian2018/04/13 10:00 AM
Benchmarking given process variationPaul A. Clayton2018/04/10 08:36 AM
No Mac Pro until 2019Brett2018/04/07 08:45 PM
Power measurement Xeon vs Centriqjuanrga2018/04/06 05:42 AM
Bohr's density metricAM2018/04/06 02:08 AM
Samsung 6 months ahead of schedule w/ 7nm EUVMaynard Handley2018/04/05 04:51 PM
Knights Mill removed from ark? Why?AM2018/04/05 04:56 AM
AMD ISSCC'18 vs. HC29 talk discrepancy?Jeff S.2018/04/03 01:28 PM
Apple to ARM the PC market as early as 2020, Intel is done.anon2018/04/02 11:13 AM
No more facebook boxDavid Kanter2018/03/26 08:47 PM
Why exclusive L3 cache in Zen?CatMerc2018/03/24 10:38 AM
Facebook icon on RWT toolbarMichael S2018/03/23 04:19 AM
Buying second-hand enterprise SSDsGabriele Svelto2018/03/22 04:02 PM
Nvidia Volta errata?someone2018/03/21 02:13 PM
ARM-based workstationjuanrga2018/03/21 12:29 PM
Intel Documentation for IBRS, STIBP, IBPB, ... (Spectre/Meltdown Mitigations)Brendan2018/03/20 03:34 AM
An IDE implementation via software for Raspberry Pisomeone2018/03/17 03:18 PM
But of course those aren't REAL servers...Maynard Handley2018/03/17 11:08 AM
Intel silicon fixes for Var 2/3 by H2john2018/03/15 03:23 PM
AMD security flaw?joe2018/03/13 07:44 AM
Intel to buy Broadcomnoone2018/03/09 05:13 PM
HBM2 in networking: Broadcom Jericho2Wes Felter2018/03/07 05:23 PM
AMD blockchain/compute mode driver- what does it really doHeikki Kultala2018/03/06 01:36 AM
Intel - Micron relationshipsMichael_S2018/03/04 03:37 AM
Intel Recycles Skylake-SP into DDavid Kanter2018/03/02 08:26 AM
Tell Me Somethingmatthew2018/03/02 07:58 AM
Home Fab or Cheap FPGA for old chips?John H2018/02/26 04:01 PM
PCI-E 4.0 for existing AM4 boards?John H2018/02/23 05:32 PM
Future of AI Hardware Panelanon2018/02/17 10:51 AM
(Basic) details of Matrix-2000, Chinese competitor to Xeon PhiAnon2018/02/17 09:28 AM
Electroglas and their successors' relevance today in wafer probe and test.anon2018/02/14 04:42 AM
Xeon D and AVX512Bench2018/02/08 03:23 PM
X-Gene 3 now is Amperejuanrga2018/02/06 03:54 PM
"Front end" championship designPaul A. Clayton2018/02/04 07:33 PM
Intel MKTME (Memory Encryption Technologies)Adrian2018/02/04 06:25 AM
Spectre1 mitigation in browsers - what's done?Michael S2018/02/02 04:24 AM
New Xeon D outAlberto2018/02/02 03:30 AM
Peak smartphone hitBrett2018/02/01 11:08 PM
External memory controller/branch prediction system. (Theoretical, many fundamental issues)eton9752018/02/01 11:21 AM
laptops, CPU binning and effect on power use? (mostly idle)anonymous22018/01/30 12:22 PM
14th and 15th gen x86 CPU/mobo ideas. Pricing, die size, lead time, complexity, verification?eton9752018/01/30 03:00 AM
Wandering ThreadsBob Joaksson2018/01/26 12:47 AM
AMD white paper on Spectre and Meltdownanonymou52018/01/25 08:52 PM
Andes Processors Are Not Susceptible to Meltdown and Spectre Attacksnoone2018/01/24 09:23 AM
The Samsung Exynos M3 - 6-wide Decode With 50%+ IPC IncreaseAnon2018/01/23 12:11 PM
Intel recommends not using recent microcode updatesanonymous22018/01/22 01:01 PM
Red Hat pulls Intel Spectre fixBrett2018/01/18 01:13 PM
Xbox 360: speculative prefetch problemsslacker2018/01/18 12:48 AM
Any Power9 benchmarks?Moe2018/01/17 09:02 PM
New article: Intel's 22FFL processDavid Kanter2018/01/15 10:57 AM
Intel Gen12 Arctic Sound & Gen13 Jupiter Sound discrete GPUs rumorsArctic Jupiter2018/01/14 04:36 PM
Meltdown from a CPU architect's viewDavid Kanter2018/01/14 04:21 PM
low-level retpoline performance benchmarkTravis2018/01/14 04:20 PM
Reconstructing a photo with Meltdownanon2018/01/14 01:20 PM
Haswell & Broadwell systems unexpectedly rebooting after Meltdown patchesanon2018/01/12 09:55 AM
AMD: Spectre variant 2 "near-zero risk" now considered not near enough to zero for comfortanon2018/01/12 08:26 AM
Fujitsu confirms SPARC affected by Spectre/Meltdownjohn2018/01/11 07:46 PM
Samsung topples Intel as semiconductor top dogBrett2018/01/11 12:45 PM
Effect of patch on FPGA compilation Michael S2018/01/09 05:28 AM
How to disable Meltdown mitigation (KPTI) on Windows?anonymous22018/01/08 11:18 AM
PTI impact on an HPC codeEmil Briggs2018/01/07 08:37 PM
Intel Core+Radeon GPU+HBM, TSVs?john2018/01/07 07:42 PM
Cache flushing from user spaceAaron2018/01/07 05:47 PM
Intel Meltdown patch performance penaltySilicon2018/01/06 06:39 PM
Claims that AMD intentionally posted patches, violating embargonoone2018/01/06 09:12 AM
And now AMD PSP vulnerability announcedjuanrga2018/01/06 03:35 AM
Final list of unsecure ARM coresNightmare2018/01/06 03:25 AM
Intel claims it has a fix for spectreTapabrata Ghosh2018/01/06 12:00 AM
NVIDIA's Geforce EULALaurent2018/01/05 05:06 PM
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