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Article: NAND Flash: A Classic Disruptive Technology
By: David Kanter (, December 30, 2009 12:21 pm
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I just wrapped up a short post on how NAND flash is a disruptive technology in the storage market, compared to hard disks. While hardly an epic treatise, it is pithy, interesting and contains some actual data - I encourage everyone to take a look:

This a topic I hope to explore more in the future - how NAND and semiconductors are impacting storage.

One interesting question that I didn't have a chance to discuss (and couldn't find data on) was whether storage use per person is growing faster or slower than density increases in hard disks. My guess is that for most individual users the answer is no, but for some it is growing faster. In many enterprises the need for storage may easily outstrip the increase in hard disks...

As always - comments are encouraged.

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