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Article: Westmere Arrives
By: MS (ms.delete@this.lostcircuits.com), March 22, 2010 5:38 pm
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? (0xe2.0x9a.0x9b@gmail.com) on 3/21/10 wrote:
>MS (ms@lostcircuits.com) on 3/21/10 wrote:
>>? (0xe2.0x9a.0x9b@gmail.com) on 3/20/10 wrote:
>>>Vincent Diepeveen (diep@xs4all.nl) on 3/17/10 wrote:
>>>>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 3/17/10 wrote:
>>>>>I just finished the first of two articles on Westmere, the 32nm, 6-core shrink of
>>>>>Nehalem. This covers the improvements, including new instructions, minor microarchitectural
>>>>>tweaks and some basics on the products that are available:
>>>>>The second piece will be a review that actually includes performance data. I'm
>>>>>still gathering the data, but this should be a nice short read.
>>>>It is a very fast chip. For Diep if we look at performance numbers from 3.33Ghz clocked 980 part:
>>>A sentence in the Lost Circuits article caught my attention:
>>>"Once again, we ran Gulftown with and without TurboBoost and, compliment
>>>to Vincent Diepeveen, that's what scaling should look like."

>>>Reading this sentence, it seems to be implying that such perfect scaling is possible
>>>for any algorithm: given enough time, any algorithm can be reprogrammed to scale perfectly.
>>>While it actually is the truth (that any algorithm can be reprogrammed to scale
>>>perfectly), it does *not* tell us anything about the *speed* of computation.
>>>Actually, it is pretty easy to create a program that will take *any* source code
>>>X and make it scale perfectly up to say 16 cores. Here is what it would look like:
>>>1. On a 16-core machine: Run X on 1 core. The other 15 cores are executing an infinite
>>>loop until the 1st core finishes executing X.
>>>2. On a 8-core machine: Run X on 1 core. The other 7 cores are executing an infinite
>>>loop until the 1st core finishes executing X. Then, scrap the results and rerun
>>>X on the 1st core again! Again the other 7 cores are waiting.
>>>3. On a 4-core machine: 4 times do (Run X on 1 core. The other 3 cores are executing
>>>an infinite loop until the 1st core finishes executing X. Scrap results, unless it is the last run.)
>>>4. On a 2-core machine: ...
>>>5. On a 1-core machine: 16 times do (Run X on the 1 core. Scrap results, unless it is the last run.)
>>>Now, let's look at the scaling of these 5 cases:
>>>1 core: 16*T seconds
>>>2 cores: 8*T seconds
>>>4 cores: 4*T seconds
>>>8 cores: 2*T seconds
>>>16 cores: T seconds
>>>So, as you can see, perfect scaling. And it can even be done in a fully automated way. No problem at all.
>>>So, what does the fact that Diep scales perfectly tell us about the actually quality of Diep: probably nothing!
>>>A brain-dead monkey in coma barely able to push a button would be able to make any algorithm scale perfectly ...
>>Then you are saying that 99% of software publishers are brain-dead monkeys who
>>are not even barely able to push a button?
>No, I am saying this: If Vincent uses such words when referring to others, then
>I am allowed to use such words when referring to his work.
You have to admit, though, he does have a point there :-)
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