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Article: Westmere Arrives
By: a reader (a.delete@this.b.c), March 20, 2010 8:23 am
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>Nehalem-EX is a little late, but that's not b/c of Intel.

care to elaborate a bit?

>My guess is that IBM will include a pretty hefty snoop filter, remote directory
>and cache for remote data (just like X3)...likely in eDRAM.
>I'll be curious to see:
>1. How big the local cells are (4 or 8 sockets)
>2. How much I/O per local node
>3. Whether the remote data cache is still in memory
>4. Will it still be limited to 4 cells
>5. Bandwidth between EX5 chips
>6. Itanium support (just kidding here)

don't forget ibm also removed an important system level
limitation so far has pigeon-holed x86 systems: the
amount of memory can be attached. a lot of customers
would immediately see the value as soon as this thing
come out.

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