P4 Performance Revealed

Article: Willamette Performance Revealed
By: shukla (kaushi.delete@this.erols.com), November 21, 2000 5:28 pm
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Very nice article! Really appreciated your presentation of the differences between the PIII & IV from a technical standpoint (scaling etc...).

A few points/questions:
1a. When scaling PIII up to PIV levels, good reminder that chipset/etc... performance will not scale linearly.
1b. What did you think of Tom's dummy-down of the P4 to 1Ghz for comparison's sake?
2. How much of an effect do you think latency has on overall P4 performance? Your comparison of 820 to 840 chipsets seems to guess @ 3% for 5 ns deltas. So... what would you expect DDR would be able to offer the P4? (since DDR is supposed to offer a lower latency).
3. What is the basis for your comment:
"AMD will be hard pressed to retain the unprecedented level of competitiveness versus Intel they have enjoyed since the introduction of the K7 family."

Really find your articles refreshing!

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