P4 Performance Revealed

Article: Willamette Performance Revealed
By: Dean Kent (dkent.delete@this.realworldtech.com), November 22, 2000 6:06 am
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When you say you believe AMD will be 'hard pressed', are you speaking specifically of the K7 core? Assuming there are no flood of bandwidth-hungry applications appearing in the next 6 months, it seems to my untrained mind that the Athlon at perhaps 1.6GHz (using DDR) could compete favorably with a 2.0GHz P4 (either DRDRAM or DDR). And AMD has indicated privately that they believe they can get that high with the current .18u process (possibly close to 2GHz, with some voltage bumps).

From what you know about the Hammer line, do you believe that AMD will once again have the ability to compete head-to-head with Intel in performance (not necessarily GHz)? I have some marketing literature (for what it is worth) from AMD that says Hammer line will have a 'pipeline that supports aggressive clock speed scaling'. I've also seen some comments that AMD believes the Hammer line will provide 2x to 3x the performance of an equivalent speed Atlon (IIRC).



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