P4 - are we seeing more specialisation?

Article: Willamette Performance Revealed
By: Lagrange (andrewbarlow.delete@this.goplay.com), November 22, 2000 2:29 pm
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Firstly, I enjoyed another informative article - keep up the good work:)

Having been initially rather sceptical about the P4 and thinking it perhaps going to be little more than a high megahertz marketing tool, I am coming roung to the idea that intel have probably made the best design decision for a while. While my knowledge of microarchitecture is basic to say the least, it appears that they have produced a core that is OK at most things (except maybe 3D rendering vs. Athlon) but is optimised for certain tasks such as MPEG encoding which are very CPU intensive. These advantages should make a real difference to people running properly optimised apps so perhaps the compromises have been worth it.

To get to my main point, are we likely to see more specialised hardware such as increasingly superscalar execution units within CPUs that are optimised for running specific code? Solutions such as 3DNow! or SSE seem a great way to get around the limitations of the x86 ISA, even if they do require some new software so I am surprised that the level of parallelism seems relatively low (to me). Would it be possible to have 8 or even 16 way SIMD with software that is even remotely similar to some of today's apps?
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