P4 - are we seeing more specialisation?

Article: Willamette Performance Revealed
By: Paul DeMone (pdemone.delete@this.igs.net), November 23, 2000 1:32 pm
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To some extent we have seen application specific functions added to x86 when it can benefit a narrow but important range of applications. I would categorize MMX, 3D Now, SSE, and SSE2 as application specific to some degree.

If some application class appears in the future that turns out to be 1) important to the enough computer buyers, 2) performance constrained on current x86 machines, and 3) a small extension to the x86 instruction set can make a significant difference to performance, then I'd say we would likely see new instructions/functional units added to future MPUs. I don't know what these applications might be. Perhaps broadband encryption.
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