P4 - are we seeing more specialisation?

Article: Willamette Performance Revealed
By: Lagrange (andrewbarlow.delete@this.goplay.com), November 24, 2000 12:12 am
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Thanks for the feedback.

It seems I was a little premature in referring to MPEG encoding as one of the P4's killer apps. I saw the new results posted on Tom's Hardware showing very poor performance of the P4 when doing the high quality encoding that most users would perform. Since basic FPU performance is still a critical factor in so many apps, would it not have been sensible for intel to at least include a P3 if not Athlon 'grade' FPU?

On a plus point, the dual channel RAMBUS does deliver huge bandwidth. Will we see the enormous speed difference between modern desktop CPUs and main memory be addressed any time soon? I would imagine that AMD and intel could provide huge performance gains just by boosting main memory bandwidth but I wonder whether this is feasable for sub $3000 systems. Although it is in a completely different league, the forthcoming POWER4 does seem to be better balanced in this respect than many other high speed chips. Just I shame I won't ever get one in my PC.
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