Transactional memory

By: Paul A. Clayton (, September 21, 2010 9:52 am
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anon ( on 9/21/10 wrote:
>I'm quite sure that most major CPU companies looked fairly seriously at transactional
>memory starting from a few years back.
>They're looking for some holy grail of TLP, but I'd guess TMEM is very difficult
>to implement without *serious* restrictions, and anyway a more fundamental problem
>for software is probably simply the work partitioning and data sharing model which can't be magic'ed away.

If by '*serious* restrictions' you mean capacity limited to
L1 cache and no fancy transaction ordering, then okay. (I think Azul Systems has this level of TM support. Azul
Systems has the advantage of controlling the platform
implementation and running Java bytecode applications. AMD's ASF is probably limited by the desire for the same
software binary to run well on all implementations--small
and large, near future and distant future.)

With respect to software, TM is actually somewhat nice. It allows the programmer to express the operation as something closer to coarse-grained locking while having performance similar to fine-grained locking.

Paul A. Clayton
just a technophile
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