Cliff Click Jr. on Azul's HTM

By: Paul A. Clayton (, September 24, 2010 1:19 pm
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David Kanter ( on 9/24/10 wrote:
>I think Azul had something much simpler than TM. I think they are now porting
>to nehalem-ex, so they clearly don't need TM for some of their stuff.

Some interesting quotes:
"Software heuristics determine when to try the HTM (uncontended locks are much cheaper using a cache-hitting CAS)"

"we had lots of teething problems with the software heuristic that used to cause 10-20% slowdowns due to endless fail/retry loops"

"HTM failure appears to nearly always be due to conflict and not capacity"

"Why make the code XTN-friendly when they can make it lock-friendly as well, and have it run fine on all gear (and not just HTM-enabled gear)?"

"It's not the case that they need to write some uber-hard-to-maintain code to get performance. Instead it's the case that they have no clue which locks need to be "cracked" to get a speedup, and once that's pointed out the fixes are generally straightforward."

(A bit discouraging that TM might not be a generally
significant win even if universally supported.)

Paul A. Clayton
just a technophile
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