Transactional memory

By: Foo_ (, September 24, 2010 2:08 am
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Linus Torvalds ( on 9/23/10 wrote:
>Paul A. Clayton ( on 9/23/10 wrote:
>>I suspect in practice is rather difficult to evaluate at
>>this point. As far as I know, the only hardware TM
>>systems have been the Sun-internal (never sold--did anyone
>>outside of Sun even get to play with early prototypes?)
>>Rock and Azul Systems implementation--which has entry-price
>>and non-open development issues.
>Heh. And the x86 emulation processors from Transmeta, that
>I worked on for several years.
>For JITted code, transactions work fine. Why? Because if
>you overflow the transaction size (or other limits: there
>are always things like physical IO that cannot be done
>speculatively), you just retranslate.

What were you using transactional memory for? Which kind of JITted code could take advantage of it?
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