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Article: IEDM 2010 Process Technology Update
By: David Hess (, February 16, 2011 2:40 am
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David Kanter ( on 2/15/11 wrote:
>slacker ( on 2/15/11 wrote:
>>Good article.
>>Two questions about page 4:
>>1. What was the inductance of the inductor measured in >figure 5?
>It doesn't say in the paper. It may have been mentioned in the talk, but I don't recall.
>There's a separate paper from 2010 that has inductance vs. Q, and they achieved
>~25 Q at 1nH, ~20 Q at 6nH and ~12 Q at 9nH.
>What exactly is the relationship between inductance, frequency and quality for inductors?

The Q in this case is proportional to the inductive reactance (2pi x f x L) and inversely proportional to the resistive losses associated with the inductor which include its series resistance and eddy current losses from the semiconducting silicon substrate. The later is why GaAs substrates usually yield better inductors.
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