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Article: Inside Nehalem: Intel's Future Processor and System
By: Andy Lee (, February 20, 2011 5:09 am
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Exophase ( on 2/18/11 wrote:
>Andy Lee ( on 2/18/11 wrote:
>>hi...i was a colledge student from Malaysia....
>>i would like to ask some question about intel processor..
>>1)different between intel netalem, i7, i5, i3, and core2 duo..based on theirs performance...power
>>costing...n their special place.
>>2)when intel netalem gonna start selling? any idea about netalem price?
>>3)y intel next processor does not named as i9 ?
>>that all. thanks you n hope reply soon.
>Hi Andy,
>"Nehalem" (not Netalem) is a codename for the successor to Core 2 (specifically,
>the 45nm "Penryn"). It represents a "tock" on Intel's progression, meaning that
>it's a microarchitecture modification. The "tick" that followed it, ie the die shrink
>from 45nm to 32nm, is codenamed Westmere. In other words, it was released a long
>time ago (2008) and has been superseded by two releases since.
>Intel uses Xeon, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Pentium, and Celeron model categories
>to segment its processors. They've been doing this for a long time, although the
>designation moved from "Core 2" to "Core iX" starting with Nehalem. These differ
>in features like core clock speed, memory/FSB clock speed, core counts, thread count
>(Hyperthreading capability) and L3 cache size.
>So it doesn't make sense to call a new processor design Core i9, but Intel could
>redistribute its market segmentation to include a new Core i9 category (or any other
>name). There's already a Core i7 Extreme so it's not that far off.
>There are tables here that show how the differentiation works, in addition to TDP and price, for Nehalem and Westmere:
>And for Sandy Bridge:

thank you vy much for the information that hv been given.
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