Testing Clang + LLVM

Article: Bulldozer Benchmarks, What Do They Mean?
By: Vincent Diepeveen (diep.delete@this.xs4all.nl), April 20, 2011 6:31 am
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Brett (ggtgp@yahoo.com) on 4/7/11 wrote:
>Vincent Diepeveen (diep@xs4all.nl) on 4/7/11 wrote:
>>none (none@none.com) on 4/6/11 wrote:
>>>Vincent Diepeveen (diep@xs4all.nl) on 4/6/11 wrote:
>>As for GCC, I've already posted something before here on inefficiency with assembler
>>output attached and clear proof of sabotage of the GCC compiler in order to keep it slow.
>>GCC isn't getting sold and therefore always will be kept slow.
>>GCC really is a disaster at integer codes.
>>Not because it lacks brilliancy; it's not even at beginners level; it's doing all
>>sorts of things that are not necessary generating either too many branches and generating too many instructions.
>Apple is dumping GCC for Clang with LLVM, in another ~5 years no one that cares about performance will care about GCC.
>(People with broken legacy code will of course still care.)
>Have you taken a look at Clang and how it compares with commercial compilers?
>Would like to know your opinion.

Hi, i have just downloaded clang + llvm.

First impression is that someone cut'n pasted the GCC compiler, put a new logo in front of it: "this is clang".

I call that cloning actually. It's gcc 4.2.1 and from the compile options it's obvious it doesn't know all kind of stuff more recent GCC's do know (without that it produces faster code for GCC but that's another issue).

First i compiled with GCC. And ran my code directly parallel at 16 cores (barcelona).

Clang is older GCC compiler so doesn't know the -march=barcelona -mtune=barcelona.

No big deal i replaced it by -march=k8 and -mtune=k8
Just simple -O2 compile. No fancy other stuff yet.

I start clang compiled version, which not surprisingly in size is not much different from the version a newer GCC version produces.


It's crashing on me Brett. It's like open64 there.
What you download for free crashes and i bet the version apple is gonna spread isn't crashing.

But now from a meta viewpoint.

a) it isn't compiling faster at all
b) it's crashing and i'm 100% sure it won't be faster than a later GCC version in terms of execution speed of code.

For users there are 2 things that matters, as opposed to programmers.

1) it must not crash
2) it must do what they want and in my case what i do must be faster than elsewhere. A big problem of apple in general, and realize i write this at an apple macbookpro, is that they have crap software.

Want to copy more than 1 file at once? Ever tried it at os/x?

You select say 2 files, click right mouse button. DANG and it just selected 1 file, the one you rightclicked.
What works so easily in *nix and windows it just doesn't work like that in apple. In apple you need to move MORE with the mouse to get the SAME thing done. Bad for your wrists man.

You have a TFT attached to your laptop (which in many companies many dudes do)? BAD IDEA with apple. the pulldown menu is not where your program is, but in most cases you must manoeuvre with the mouse back to the other TFT to select the function you want in the pulldown menu. Really childish to still use some 'feature' from the 80s even in todays multitasked and multithreaded environment where every kid has more than 1 TFT; modern gpu's support half a dozen TFT's already for 'em.

Now we remember the crap thing called cloud computing. It's utter crap, yet some companies manage to sell it a tad to persons who are bad in moneymath.

If you throw enough cash into some slogans, it always works.

In case of LLVM, i don't really see the advantage of it over GCC so far.

It's true that if apple would pay 1 guy to optimize the GCC compiler, that for many generic programs it will produce way way faster code (i mean of course programs NOT in specint) than GCC. Yet the strategy of clang+llvm seems to be to cut'n paste existing compilers.

Nothing new there.

But in this case in fact it crashes on me. I added debug code, still crashes. It can't multithread or something?

Figuring all this out in order to find out it isn't generating code that executes faster is going to be a focking waste of time of course.

clang to me seems like: have a buzzword, cut'n paste years of hard work (gcc compiler) and then throw it on the market as being your own.

Sometimes works. But i'm guessing we soon have to pay for it in order to not crash, just like open64? You need to pay for the pgi compiler in order to have a non-crashing copy of open64; in order to find out it's lightyears slower (50% default - too much to even seriously measure) than GCC and with PGO code it's still considerable slower (yet a lot less than 50%, like 10% or so than gcc; so it profits bigtime there from pgo unlike gcc as this feature has been BROKEN in gcc for as long as they implemented it).


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