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Article: Bulldozer Benchmarks, What Do They Mean?
By: David Kanter (, April 25, 2011 7:49 am
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jrl (j@r.l) on 4/25/11 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 4/24/11 wrote:
>>Well, there's a lot more than just the forums. We have a lot of articles and images
>>for those articles. The real issue is the data transferred. Right now, we've used
>>about 75GB this month - and there's still a week left.
>You should trivially be able to cut that in half using five optimizations:
>1. gzip compression of text
>2. Minification of javascript and CSS
>3. Enabling the "Expires" and "Cache-Control" header in HTTP headers
>4. Judicious selection of PNG vs JPG
>5. Serving static content from a cheap web host
>1. Web servers can compress content on-the-fly before serving to clients.
>Your forum post (the one I'm replying to) was 171686 bytes in text alone. However,
>if gzipped, it is only 12500 bytes. That's a 93% file size >reduction.

Yes, this is one of the reasons we want to use dedicated hosting. Our current shared hosting environment does not allow compression.

>2. javascript and CSS can be "minified" by removing unnecessary whitespace,
>shortening local variable and method names, and so on. Using csstidy
>or YUI compressor on the 3 major .js and .css files used on this website yield the following file size reductions:

That's not unreasonable.

>3. HTTP headers support the "Expires" field. This is a signal to browsers
>for how long to cache content from a website (rather than redownloading the content
>every time they refresh a page). Content like banner images or javascript files
>are frequently-loaded by users, but the content itself is static for weeks, months,
>or even years. Let's take look at the HTTP headers for the banner image on the forum:
>Although there is an ETag (which is also a signal to the browser for caching purposes),
>it is better to have an explicit Cache-Control field in the HTTP headers. If I host
>the same banner image from my web server, you can see the additional field:
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    >Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:26:04 GMT
    >Server: Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) PHP/5.3.3-7+squeeze1
    >Last-Modified: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 04:10:50 GMT
    >ETag: "135c9da-32cd-4814240184680"
    >Accept-Ranges: bytes
    >Content-Length: 13005
    >Cache-Control: max-age=2592000
    >Expires: Wed, 25 May 2011 09:26:04 GMT
    >Connection: close
    >Content-Type: image/png

>This is because I use mod-expires in Apache. It has
>been configured to tell clients to cache images for 1 month (2592000 seconds = 30 days).

Is there a way to over-ride the client side caching? I.e. suppose I have an article that I found a mistake in the image (or text) - can I force the client to reload?

>4. PNG and JPG are best-suited for differing applications. PNG is lossless,
>and is it good for flat text and illustrations with a limited number of colours.
>JPG is great for photorealistic images. It is important to choose the right image format for the job.

>(Note: not all image encoders are created equally. Using pngcrush,
>it is usually possible to further compress a PNG >(losslessly) beyond the encoding done by image editing >tools).

I extensively use PNG. Some of our older files may be in different formats though.

>Here is an analysis of 3 images from this site:
>(Note: good quality JPG = low compression; mediocre quality JPG = high compression)
>The first image is tricky. It has text, but with soft edges. It turns out that
>the image can be converted to JPG with virtually no >reduction in perceptible image quality.
>The second image is a good candidate for JPG compression. Although there is some
>text, this image is mostly a muddle of colours with soft edges. Using high JPG compression
>("mediocre quality"), a massive 68% reduction in file size is achieved, with little impact on overall image quality.
>The third image is an ideal candidate for PNG: sharp text, flat colours, and sharp
>edges. In fact, converting this image to a JPG increases the file size, and the image quality still suffers.
>Finally, take notice of the fact that pngcrush was
>able to (losslessly) reduce the size of all three images. If nothing else, you should
>run pngcrush on all PNGs on the RWT server. You'll likely
>see an average of a 20% file size reduction across all PNG images.
>5. You say that it is expensive for you to transfer 75 - 150GB/month from
>your current host. This shouldn't be the case, because >data transfers only cost
>10 cents/GB from a premium provider. I infer that your >current host is overcharging for data transfers.

No, our current host actually provides quite a bit of bandwidth. I'm not thrilled with the quality, since it's shitty cogent bandwidth, but it certainly delivers content.

One of the things I'm looking forward to with a new host is lower latency access to the site. Honestly, the latency is pretty bad for what we are doing.

>Thus, move all static content/images to a less-expensive >service, and only serve
>dynamic content from your current provider. You will have >to add a CNAME record to cover the new system.
>This isn't a technology optimization, per se, but a >financial one. It is a workaround
>to the cost structure imposed by your >Windows/Coldfusion/SQL Server host (only use them to serve >dynamic content).

I had not thought about that.

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