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Article: Bulldozer Benchmarks, What Do They Mean?
By: Heath Provost (, April 25, 2011 2:02 pm
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jrl (j@r.l) on 4/25/11 wrote:
>1. Web servers can compress content on-the-fly before serving to clients.

Been mentioned lots of times before. This would help greatly, but I think David has to get the site on this own server before that will work.

>2. javascript and CSS can be "minified" by removing unnecessary whitespace,
>shortening local variable and method names, and so on. Using csstidy
>or YUI compressor on the 3 major .js and .css files used on this website yield the following file size reductions:

David mentioned moving to an "open source" version of Cold Fusion. Both Railo and OpenBD (the two most commone OSS CF servers) support this type of construct:

This accomplishes everything mentioned short of the gzipping part (which can be layered on by the web server). It both minifies and combines the output into a single resource for css and js files, and it sets long term caching policies on the files. The nice part is you do not need to do the minification or anything up front - it does it automatically (it uses yui compressor internally to do the work). When any file is updated the "static" resource file that is served to the client gets a new name, hence automatically forcing all browsers to pull the new version.

>3. HTTP headers support the "Expires" field. This is a signal to browsers
>for how long to cache content from a website (rather than redownloading the content
>every time they refresh a page). Content like banner images or javascript files
>are frequently-loaded by users, but the content itself is static for weeks, months,
>or even years. Let's take look at the HTTP headers for the banner image on the forum:

For IIS, the best way to do this is to put all static content in its own folder. I like to use a folder called /_static in the root of the site and create subfolders by mime type (/_static/js, /_static/jpg, /_static/png, /_static/css, etc.) You can then set the expire headers for those folders in IIS admin. Unfortunately IIS doesn't have a good way to do it by mime-type, so organizing them into folders like this is the best way to go about it. It also logically seperates all of your static content way from the dynamic stuff - so if you want to push your static files onto a different server you can just change all your links from "/_static" to say "" with a simple search and replace. IIS deals with setting the etag and whatnot for you.

Again though, this will need to wait on new server I think.

>4. PNG and JPG are best-suited for differing applications. PNG is lossless,
>and is it good for flat text and illustrations with a limited number of colours.
>JPG is great for photorealistic images. It is important to choose the right image format for the job.

I would expand on that a bit.

PNG is good for

1. Anything that gifs were good for (except maybe animated gifs - animated pngs is sort of a hack).
2. Anything that requires single-bit transparency.
3. Anything with alpha transparency (actually png is pretty much required for this).
4. Anything for which compression efficiency is primarily influenced by gradients (i.e. an image which is mostly composed of a smooth gradient but has a photo-quality overlay will often compress better as PNG-24 than as JPEG).
5. Anything that looks good palletted (i.e. 256 colors or less).
6. Line art, textual content, or anything else with sharp lines, limited color range, and large amounts of detail. JPEG produces alot of noticable artifacts for this kind of stuff.

I basically use JPEG only if PNG isn't better. JPG is mostly only better for photographic imagery, PNG works best for almost everything else. There is no longer any good reason to use GIFs to be honest (except maybe animated gifs if you into that).

>5. You say that it is expensive for you to transfer 75 - 150GB/month from
>your current host. This shouldn't be the case, because data transfers only cost
>10 cents/GB from a premium provider. I infer that your current host is overcharging for data transfers.
>Thus, move all static content/images to a less-expensive service, and only serve
>dynamic content from your current provider. You will have to add a CNAME record to cover the new system.

Moving images to another server can be a good idea, but I don't think RWT gets enough traffic to warrant it to be honest. I would do the /_static thing first and get the headers set right and see how that goes. You can always move all the images to another server pretty painlessly once you do that if the need arises.
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