Article: Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate Transistors
By: joset (joset_pt.delete@this.yahoo.com), May 6, 2011 4:22 pm
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Daniel Bizo (dbizo@idc.com) on 5/6/11 wrote:
>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 5/6/11 wrote:
>>someone (someone@somewhere.com) on 5/6/11 wrote:
>>>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 5/6/11 wrote:
>>>>New article up:
>>>>For over 40 years, the planar transistor has been the keystone of the semiconductor
>>>>industry. Intel's new 22nm tri-gate transistor is revolutionary, moving transistors
>>>>into a three dimensional world. After 10 years of research, this novel structure
>>>>is the next step for Moore's Law and promises to substantially improve performance and power efficiency.
>>>"Historically, Intel’s SOC manufacturing lags 12 months behind their high performance
>>>process. Their first fully integrated SOC (32nm Medfield) has yet to ship in products,
>>>and is expected in the latter half of this year. If Intel aggressively moves forward
>>>at 22nm, their SOCs might follow high performance manufacturing by 6 months."
>>>Intel stated in a recent process technology paper that it
>>>would put the mainstream and SoC variants of its 22 nm
>>>technology into production at the same time.
>>I recall them saying they would move them closer, I don't recall the same release
>>time. That would be even better than a 6 month gap.
>>>Of course an appropriate SoC based product design has
>>>to be ready to go to make it worthwhile.
>>Not just the SOC, but the software, etc.
>Based on Intel's briefing my interpretation is that they will move Atom, and their
>LP processes on parity with the HP parts by the 14nm node. So it is moving closer
>and closer by every node, since Atoms are on a much-much shorter cycle by now, and
>will get in synch with the tick-tock thing by the time 14nm is HVM-ready. Plus a
>quarter or two, of course, given the engeneering and ramping limitations.

On a side-note, "Ivy-Bridge" was to be Intel's next "tick" (basically, a node technology transition); however then, this tri-gate implementation is truly a microarchitectural innovation per se, making it a "tock" instead.
As far as I'm aware, this is the second major change in Intel's "tick/tock" 'algorithm', since the implementation of a high-k dielectric. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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