Article: Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate Transistors
By: joset (joset_pt.delete@this.yahoo.com), May 13, 2011 6:48 pm
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Jack (jumpingjack4@hotmail.com) on 5/12/11 wrote:
>joset (joset_pt@yahoo.com) on 5/6/11 wrote:
>>On a side-note, "Ivy-Bridge" was to be Intel's next "tick" (basically, a node technology
>>transition); however then, this tri-gate implementation is truly a microarchitectural
>>innovation per se, making it a "tock" instead.
>>As far as I'm aware, this is the second major change in Intel's "tick/tock" 'algorithm',
>>since the implementation of a high-k dielectric. Please correct me if I am wrong.
>Intel's tick-tock cadence has been established on the Moore's Law cadence. Intel
>does a litho node shrink every two years (the tick). They also do an architectural
>revision every two years, but offset one year (the tock). On the tick year, the
>architecture is more or less a shrink of the prior tock year.
>Do not confuse major process implementations as architectural implementations.
>Each tick (new process technology) is a litho node transition and typically will
>also implement new, major process tech changes, such as new materials, or in this
>case, new geometry. In fact, major shifts in process tech seems to occur every other tick.
>90 nm implemented strained silicon, nickel silicides, low-k dielectrics
>65 nm (the next tick) was more of the same of 90 nm
>45 nm implemented high-k/metal gates as the major difference
>32 nm (the next tick) was more of the same of 45 nm
>22 nm is trigate, a major, major change -- much bigger than high-k/metal gate
>14 nm would not surprise me if it is just more of the same of 22 nm

Hi Jack! Long time no see! ;)

First off, thanks for your rebuttal.

The reason which led me to inquire about this innovation was, precisely, geometry, since the very concept of microarchitecture sounds a bit ambiguous (to me, at least).
However, I have to concede that this process tech shift plus the introduction of 3D features, made me even more skeptic about Intel's apparently "rigid" tick-tock algorithm.
Anyway, as I've stated in my previous post, I stand corrected now (well, sort of). ;)

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