Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate transistors

Article: Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate Transistors
By: someone (, May 19, 2011 6:17 am
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Daniel Bizo ( on 5/19/11 wrote:
>someone ( on 5/18/11 wrote:
>>Mr. Camel (a@b.c) on 5/18/11 wrote:
>>>So based on what you are saying, it is impossible to predict what Ivy Bridge's
>>>top frequency bin will be at launch, right?
>>>The run of the mill tech enthusiast sites are predicting that Ivy Bridge will come
>>>out at 20% higher frequencies than current top end Sandy Bridge products - so about
>>>4 GHz. But they are saying this purely based on Intel's statement that the 22 nm
>>>transistors are approx. 20% faster at the upper end of the voltage range. So are they full of BS?
>>IB may indeed clock 20%+ faster but there are a number
>>of different possibilities of how Intel will use the process
>>benefit at 22 nm to provide extra value. This gain can be
>>used to 1) raise frequency at the same power and core
>>count, 2) increase the number of cores at the same power
>>and frequency, 3) keep frequency and core count the same
>>but significantly reduce power. Intel could do all of those
>>for different IB product segments (e.g. 1 for desktop, 2 for
>>servers, and 3 for mobile). Intel's presentations yesterday
>>suggests emphasis on power reduction in future products.
>Based on the low-voltage characteristics I do believe tri-gate is huge for SoC
>products where Intel needs to be the most competitive, a strong advantage for notebooks,
>and a nice to have for the really high-performance parts.

Excellent low-voltage characteristics are just as important
on the high power end as the low. An unchanged socket level
power budget limitation limited Westmere-EX to gaining only
2 more cores and a one speed grade bump vs Nehalem-EX
from the 45 nm to 32 nm transition because of the limited
improvement in transistor IV characteristics and unchanged
threshold voltage in that process shrink. Improvements in
Intel's high end processors should be much more significant
going from 32 nm to 22 nm.
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