Intel's marketing is insulting

By: Linus Torvalds (, June 29, 2011 10:26 am
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Gabriele Svelto ( on 6/29/11 wrote:
>Fusing off hyper-threading is probably akin to this, it should have an impact on
>worst-case power consumption which in turn affects binning, but turning off VT-d
>or AES NI is totally artificial and exceptionally annoying.

The thing that personally gets to me is that Intel has a
team of people working on RAS features, and they send me
patches for totally pointless stuff that happens once in a
million years and just happens to be on their radar.

And at the same time, the chips they sell millions of they
don't expose ECC on.

That just makes me angry. The f*^&ing marketing people claim
that nobody would pay for ECC memory anyway, and the board
manufacturers wouldn't spend the extra 1¢ to put a few more
traces on the board.

Bull. The reason ECC is expensive and board manufacturers
don't support it boils down to one thing, and one thing
only: the fact that Intel doesn't support it in their
bulk CPU's. If they did, things would change. Not overnight,
no. But Intel not supporting it by default is going to
keep it rare.

F*ckers. With 8GB of RAM being pretty much the norm, there
is just no excuse for not supporting ECC. None. But as it
is, ECC tends to ship only in special OEM versions for the
"embedded" crowd (some of them require it) or in the Xeon

It really gets my goat. Every time I see a patch from Intel
to support some esoteric feature that practically nobody
cares about (poisoning, special machine checks etc), I just
go ballistic. Who the f*ck are they to send me reliability
patches, when they can't even get the basics right?

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