64-bit ARM far away?

By: Paul A. Clayton (paaronclayton.delete@this.gmail.com), October 24, 2011 8:44 pm
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A ARM blog entry--and particularly a response to a comment--( http://blogs.arm.com/smart-connected-devices/603-server-ecosystem-a-fine-kettle-of-fish/ ) seems to indicate that ARM will not be providing a 64-bit extension soon: "We have been very clear in setting the expectation that compute-intensive servers remain 64-bit and, as you note, SPARC-, POWER- or x86-based for a long period of time to come."

This is particularly disappointing to me because I believe
it would be possible to have not only 32-bit and even
I32L64P32 applications running on top of a 64-bit OS (as
opposed to a VMM handling an extended physical address
space), but also to provide two 32-bit contexts and
somewhat less than twice the 32-bit execution resources
(perhaps using width-pipelined ALUs) in a 64-bit core,
allowing a single core design to fit a broader range of
applications. (I admit that I have not thought out the
latter possibility, but a brief consideration seemed to
indicate some potential.)

It is also seems unlikely that there would be that much
power overhead relative to an A-15 for a 64-bit core of
like performance. (It may not be practical to power-gate--
even at extremely high latency--half of the execution
resources and context storage--, though at minimum the
bits cells for the more significant bits could use
probably use a low leakage for zero value cell design.)
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